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alien hero is one step away from defeating the viruses in the Omni-trix Glitch game. He managed to overcome all the bad guys, and . Omni-trix Glitch : Alien Attack

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alien hero is one step away from defeating the viruses in the Omni-trix Glitch game. He managed to overcome all the bad guys, and he needs one more push until everything goes back to normal! Isn't that great?

There is one more thing, though...All the nasty viruses know where he is. Right now, they are marching in great numbers towards him. They are gathering all their forces to finally finish him off, but you aren't going to let that happen, are you?

Oh no! alien hero is having some nasty problems with his Omni-trix glitch in the DNA Decode game! If the Omni-trix is not functioning well, who knows what disasters might happen!

It seems that all the alien DNA's got mixed up inside the device! As a result, each time hero wants to transform, he turns into a mutant version of the alien. You must help him reset his unusual watch to restore it to its functioning state.

Move quickly!
As you know, the viruses are constantly moving towards you. That means that there are waves after waves of them. The challenge here is to win enough time for alien Matter to let him hack his way into the Omni-trix.

The problem is that there is only one of you and too many dangerous viruses. To win, you must transform quickly from one alien form to another. Protect alien hero Matter and switch into somebody who can launch powerful attacks.

Now, to get to the interesting part, you should know a thing or two about attacking. First of all, you can either click on the Omni-trix to use the superpower of the aliens. Just so you know, when you do that, Grey and his friends Matter will hack, and the others will launch attacks.

You should also know...
Remember that the best way to attack each enemy is according to the color type. Because each character delivers a different kind of attack, you should use them according to the code to destroy the enemy quicker. That will win you more time with a lot less effort!

As you destroy the viruses, they might leave behind some Omni-trix pickups. Collect them to boost the damages of your attacks. Gather enough of them, and the villains will have no idea what hit them.

As you play the game, it will get more challenging than it was in the beginning. Be prepared to switch between four different aliens according to what the situation calls for. Think and move fast, and the victory will be yours!

Have Fun!

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