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Disc League

Virtually Invincible
1 نوفمبر 2017
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Use your Daydream controller to throw discs in a futuristic arena against many challenging opponents.By default, play in a 3rd person (no motion) camera perspective. Great for people sensitive to motion and when sitting in an airplane seat during travels. For an exhilarating 360 degree experience, switch to 1st person view (moderate motion).Get ready to play a sport that is only possible in virtual reality. Your zero-g disc is capable of curves, bounces and deflections. Score points by hitting opponents with your disc. First to 3 points wins a match. Play through 4 tournaments against dozens of opponents. Try "iron man" difficulty to play 1v3 for a real challenge.Features - Stationary (no motion) 3rd person view - (Optional) 360 degree moderate motion view - Motion controlled disc throwing - Real physics gameplay - High quality graphics - 4 single-player tournaments - Unique AI personalities - Challenging gameplay - Infinite variation on throws - Online multiplayer and LANMore tips - Use your recall ability to influence the disc trajectory - Arenas are designed for aggressive gameplay - Try using the walls, floors and ceilings to trick your opponents

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