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Squeak Voice Changer

16 ديسمبر 2019
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Squeak Voice Changer is an easy, fun way to change and share your voice. Simply record your voice, apply a filter and save it for yourself or share it with your friends.

Wayne Walker - I live north of the wall in the ice lands and love rock climbing

Julius the bear - My deep voice makes me a great giver of worldly wisdom that I picked up through gardening, hiking and eating lots of honey

Bruce the sentimental bot - Believe it or bot, I have a sentimental side and my favourite past time is tweeting

Chad the shroom - Sup man, I’m always in my head so you might hear the echo of how much I love chilling

Patrick the monster - I’m super hungry, all the time. It’s what makes me sound angry

Jamie the Jolly -- I'm the life of the party

Party Sam - I'm doing it for the 'gram

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