Trackpad: big phone mouse Android APK

Trackpad: big phone mouse

23 ديسمبر 2019
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تحميل Trackpad: big phone mouse مجانا

Use a computer-like mouse/cursor/pointer to control your big phone with one hand.

Tap, long click, swipe, and pinch with just one finger!

Quickly open, use, and dismiss Trackpad to interact with distant widgets!

Trackpad lets you use your big phone with one hand. This is especially useful when you are:
• eating pizza with your other hand
• standing on a bus or train
• in bed, and don't want to move your other hand
• using two phones simultaneously

Trackpad can simulate: tapping, long pressing, and swiping/dragging anywhere on the screen, so that you can control your whole phone without having to do any finger acrobatics yourself.

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