Watch Face Military Digital Android APK

Watch Face Military Digital

21 أبريل 2017
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★★★ Interactive Watch Face! ★★★Nice, clean military look which offers lot of useful functions.With the introduction of the interactive watch faces API, Military Digital Watch Face now supports tap functions.★★★ New tap features (Only for Android Wear 1.3!): ★★★ ✔ Shortcut options for apps Only one tap is needed to open your preferred apps such as Google Maps and Google Keep on the watch face. No need to search them in the system app list. ✔ Google Maps shortcut (choose it from indicators list in the phone app) ✔ Google Keep shortcut (choose it from indicators list in the phone app) ✔ Stopwatch (tap in center to switch between clock and stopwatch) ✔ Agenda ✔ Flash Light ✔ Alarm ✔ Find My Phone*************** IMPORTANT: Before tap interactions are enabled, your watch needs the latest version of Android Wear (v1.3) which is rolling out over the next few weeks. Hang tight for the update! ***************★★★ Features:★★★ ✔ Stopwatch ✔ Weather providers (Yahoo, OpenWeatherMap, Y.R.) ✔ Weather forecasts for 3 days ✔ ★ Shortcuts for some built in apps ( Alarm, Google Maps, Google Keep, Find My Phone, Agenda, Flash Light)★ ✔ Hour, Date, Month, Year ✔ Compass (Note! The compass sensor is disabled by default) NOTE: Due to lack of a magnetic sensor, the compass won't work on Moto 2 gen✔ Battery indicator ✔ Phone battery indicator ✔ Daily steps counter★★★ Configuration: ★★★ ✔ Option to choose indicator positions ✔ Enable/disable step counter ✔ Change hour format ✔ Choose colors ✔ Choose between weather and steps counter ✔ Set screen time (new!) ✔ Choose between simple and full ambient mode (new!) ✔ Choose of peek card size ✔ Peek card translucent option ✔ System bar position optionLive chat and email support on:★★★ Tip 1 ★★★ In a companion app setting you are able to choose indicator positions(left, middle and right position)★★★ Tip 2 ★★★ ✔ If the watch face is not shown on your watch after re-sync, try these steps:1. Disconnect devices (watch and phone) 2. Uninstall the watch face 3. Restart watch and connect device again 4. Then finally install the watch face★★★ Compass calibration: ★★★ ✔ Move the watch slowly, 5 seconds per full rotation is OK ✔ Rotate the watch three full cycles around the axis pointing upward ✔ Rotate the watch three full cycles around the axis pointing away from you ✔ Rotate the watch three full cycles around the axis pointing right ✔ The direction of rotation doesn't matter★★★ To install:★★★ 1. After install run 'Resync app' on Android Wear App. 2. Long press your android wear watch and choose RichFace Digital as you watch face

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