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Bandit Six for DaydreamWe give you the firepower. You give 'em hell. Put on your Daydream headset and man the tail guns of a World War 2 bomber fending off swarms of attacking fighters as they close in for the kill. You'll face the enemy's deadliest aerial weapons, from the iconic Me109, to V2 rockets, jets and missiles.Bandit Six delivers intense first-person aerial combat in over 30 missions set amidst skies full of tracer, flak, flames and planes. So man the guns and join the fight.For the best experience on Daydream compatible devices get this enhanced version of Bandit Six.Featuring higher resolution graphics, improved visual effects with seamless controls and interactions.Known issue : If you have the Enemy Health bar set to off in the game options it may cause problems in the bomber escort missions

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