CareZone Android APK (flagship)

Download CareZone for Android, CareZone is the easiest way for you and your family to manage medications and doctor's instructions.

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Download CareZone for free

Download CareZone for Android

Download CareZone for Android, CareZone is the easiest way for you and your family to manage medications and doctor's instructions.

CareZone is one of the newer medical applications and in fact it is one of the best applications, this application is a comprehensive application that helps you manage your medicines, your family's instructions, doctor's instructions, it includes lists of medicines, the doses of those medicines, additional instructions from the doctor if needed in addition to some Other Features It also includes a calendar so you can create schedules, a journal to record any incidents that may concern you, you can organize your doctor and pharmacy contacts, and the app is completely free to use without ads or purchases.

Recipe management is hard work. We will make sure that you always have an updated list of medications for you or your loved one, and that you are aware of any instructions given to you after diagnosis, treatment, or discharge.

Always keep a list of medicines with you.

Quickly create a detailed medication list, which can be backed up and accessed from any mobile device or browser in the clinic, in case of an emergency, or any other time you need it.

Reminders help you stay on track.

Set a time for yourself or your loved ones to take each dose and we'll send a reminder to you, your family, or anyone you choose that it's time to take your meds. Don't forget to set reminders to refill your prescriptions!

Organize important information in one place.

We'll also help you organize the continuity of personal information you encounter in managing your healthcare case, from interactive journals and care calendars to medical contacts and insurance information.

CareZone App Features

Medication management

Keep a unique list of medications, doses, and refill information

• Trackers: Record important health factors and track progress over time, such as blood glucose, sleep, weight, and more.

• Contacts: Organize your important contacts: doctors, pharmacies, insurance, family and aides.

• Share: Share securely with others in an emergency or to coordinate care.

• Journal: Keep a journal to record notes and share updates.

• Calendar Calendar: Keep track of appointments and recharge dates.

• Tasks: Organize tasks and assign them to others. If you need help, we'll find volunteers inside with your family.

• Photos and files Photos and files: Upload and securely store important health photos or files from your phone.

• Note: Write down everything you would like to have in my desk drawer.

Your information is private and secure. We promise.

Your data is protected by the same technologies as your bank, and security companies regularly review our systems to make sure everything is secure.

The information you store in CareZone is also available through web browsers at and on other mobile devices.


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