A2N Kernel Control (Manager) for S8 S8+ (Plus) Android APK


Download a2n kernel control manager application for Android to control your mobile phone's resources.

March 24, 2021
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Download A2N Kernel Control (Manager) for S8 S8+ (Plus) Free

Download A2N Kernel Control (Manager) for android

Download a2n kernel control manager application for Android to control your mobile phone's resources.

# Supported Models #
-> G950F
-> G950FD
-> G950N
-> G955F
-> G955FD
-> G955N

# Requirements #
-> Time: forty five - seventy five min
-> Difficult degree: very clean step-by-step
-> PC / notebook with Win XP or later
-> USB cable to connect the phone to your PC / pocket book
-> USB flash force or micro-sd-card with the suitable card-reader
-> Android nine in your phone
-> Custom recovery e.G. TWRP* to your smartphone
-> A2N Kernel for Android nine
-> Internet connection for this app to test license (very low statistics utilization)

All the wanted stuff you may discover in my XDA thread or if you purchase at once the app then it'll redirect you to the proper thread.

* By flashing a custom recovery your cellphone will perform a factory reset. So backup all of your statistics in your outside garage like micro-sd-card or USB flash power.
If your telephone is very slow or have any problems then this is a good occasion to flash A2N Kernel, this is a win-win state of affairs !

# App Features a2n kernel control manager #

# Power
-> Charger Control
Adjust AC / USB-PD / USB-CDP / Wireless / USB 3.0/2.Zero / Max input contemporary in 100 mA steps
Range: 2 hundred - 3000/3500 mA S8/S8+

-> Battery Informations
- common charging cutting-edge
- enter voltage
- battery temperature
- battery voltage

-> Battery Care
Stop charging at a few lower stage than one hundred % to lessen battery getting older
Range: 50 - one hundred %
-> Battery IDLE
Power deliver your telephone over cable or wi-fi without to apply the battery, useful for DeX or gaming
-> Max Charging Temperature
Range: 35 - forty five °C

-> Battery Service
- fee cycles and capacity to reset to zero
- actual battery capability in %/mAh and potential to reset (battery gauge recalibration)

-> Water Detection
Ability to disable water detection
Show water detection reputation

# Screen
-> Input Booster
Adjust contact boost CPU duration in ms
This is useful to make scrolling smoother

-> Overclock Control
BIG CPU: 741 - 2808 MHz* default: 2314 MHz
LITTLE CPU: 455 - 2002 MHz* default: 1690 MHz
-> Set Max Frequency for Screen OFF
-> Ability to Disable Boost
For strength save
-> Governor up_threshold
To adjust stability between performance and power keep
-> Increase Sampling Rate
For strength save
-> BIG CPU DVFS Max Temp (thermal throttling)**
Range: 65 - 95 °C

-> Overclock Control
260 - 839 MHz* default: 546 MHz
-> Ability to Disable Boost
For electricity keep
-> Governor up_threshold
To modify balance among overall performance and energy keep
-> GPU DVFS Max Temp (thermal throttling)**
Range: sixty five - 95 °C

* Max strong Freq depends at the quality of the SoC !
** To avoid too large performance drops from inventory thermal throttling driver

# Performance Profiles
-> Power Save
-> Balanced
-> Performance (Kernel Default)
-> Performance Plus (Gaming, OC) (CPU/GPU Freq Adjustable)

-> Memory Management
-> Low Memory Killer
Set the quantity of min loose RAM*
Range: sixteen - 256 MB swap block-tool in RAM
Choice: 25, 50 or seventy five % of RAM length
-> Ability to Drop Caches / Buffers
To free RAM

* For multitasking, gaming, responsiveness and battery lifestyles

# Network
-> Adds Kernel Support for Network File Systems
-> TCP Congestion
Choice: cubic, new reno, bic, westwood+, vegas, veno, hybla, and so forth..
-> Wi-Fi Band
Choice: 2.Four / 5 GHz, 2.Four GHz only, 5 GHz most effective

# Misc
-> Torch
Set brightness
Range: 1 - 15 (3 x brighter at 15)
Set blink ON/OFF put off for notifications / low battery
-> Optimize RED, GREEN, BLUE LED
Will increase brightness with the aid of disabling power shop mode
-> Accelerometer Calibration

# Advanced Power Menu
-> Reboot to:
- System
- Recovery
- Download
Or Shutdown

# Offline-Mode Usage #
-> Press the "Home" key instead the "Back" key

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# Privacy
-> In case the app crashes it'll ship handiest technical debug info to the play shop server, for debugging.

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