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Download Dino Tamers Welcome to Arcadia, the last hope of humankind. A world full of dinosaurs.

Foxie Ventures
December 1, 2020
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Download Dino Tamers - Jurassic Riding MMO Free

Download Dino Tamers Welcome to Arcadia, the last hope of humankind. A world full of dinosaurs.

Online multiplayer dino haven

Download Dino Tamers

There is no better way to make friends with other players online than to ride prehistoric Jurassic monsters together! UPTODOWN Explore the world with players online and tame herbivores like Triceratops. If you're feeling brave, wild carnivores like Raptor, Spinosaurus, and Trex roam the island as well.

Taming monsters

Once you have tamed deadly monsters, they become yours to tame them and use them to explore a dangerous new world. Climb up your T-Rex and watch the smaller critters run away in fear!

Move without sound

Dino Tamers features a new mechanical stealth feature, allowing you to approach your favorite dinosaurs in person without being spotted. Use trees, tall grass, and plants to sneak past the deadly carnivores that roam Arcadia.

Take the battle and move your way through the jurassic wilderness

Unlock RPG-style items to improve your Download Dino Tamers dinosaur skills and battle your way through challenging missions!

Evolve your dinosaurs

Study a mysterious ember to advance dinosaur DNA to the next stage of evolution, which introduces cool new features like wings. Get ready to ride a spinner!

Open the Arcadia puzzle

Continue along the story as you uncover the world of Arcadia and its indigenous people while you fight and tame monsters and evolve your way through the interactive story!

Foxie Ventures would like to welcome you into the Dino Tamers family! We will add a lot of new content, such as Download Dino Tamers Mosasaurus - the Jurassic Water Shark! Start your interactive adventure and download it for free today!

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