Kakao T - Taxi, Driver, Parking, Navigation, Bike Android APK

So that you could flow, meet, and revel in extra unfastened from the problems of motion New modifications made with the aid of using Kakao T retain.

Kakao Mobility Corp.
April 28, 2021
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So that you could flow, meet, and revel in extra unfastened from the problems of motion

New modifications made with the aid of using Kakao T retain.

■ Taxi you may consider

• Easy taxi calls to be had national

• Blue/Venti/Exemplary/Black freely pick the preferred taxi

■ Bikes close to you

• An electric powered bicycle that may be without problems ridden with the aid of using all and sundry of every age.

• Freely use and go back everywhere you need

■ Data-pushed proxy operation

• Calling a surrogate operation effortlessly with the app

• Provides top rate surrogate operation with meticulous attention

■ End of traumatic approximately parking, handy parking revel in

• Enter a vacation spot to go looking and pay for parking

• Provides complete prediction facts with out disturbing approximately parking areas

■ Shuttle while leaving with the aid of using bus

• You can constitution and pay for the go back and forth together along with your very own direction

• Transfer through direct bus from the area of departure close to me

■ National intercity bus reservations additionally visit Kakao T

• Searching for locations from reservation to price straight away

■ The quickest course steerage, navigation

• Fast and correct guidelines primarily based totally on actual-time site visitors facts

■ Convenient taxi calls from distant places

• Provide preferred automobile name and translation characteristic

• Available in Japan and Vietnam

■ Easier price

• Pay for all offerings with one card registration

• Kakao T factors that may be used and proficient withinside the Kakao T app (for a few offerings best)

※ Users can provide the subsequent permissions for the clean use of Kakao T. Each privilege is split into obligatory privileges that have to be granted and non-obligatory privileges that may be selectively granted in line with their houses.

1. Required permissions

1) Location: Used to set the beginning and vacation spot.

2) Storage area: Used to shop the facts of the known as product.

three) Phone: Used to get telecellsmartphone quantity statistics to be authenticated via way of means of Kakao T.

four) Address Book: Used to get hold of the development after product name.

2. Select permission

1) Microphone: It is used to set the region of departure and vacation spot the use of voice popularity.

2) Camera: Used for QR code popularity and different client reviews.

※ You can use the provider even in case you do now no longer believe the non-obligatory get right of entry to proper.

※ You can extrade the get right of entry to authority in Phone Settings> Apps> Kakao T.

※ The get admission to rights of the Kakao T app are divided into obligatory and optionally available rights in reaction to Android OS 6.zero or better. If you're the use of an OS model much less than 6.zero, you can not selectively permit permission as wished, so it's far encouraged to replace the OS to six.zero or better if feasible after checking if the producer of your tool presents an working machine improve feature. provide. Also, even though the working gadget is up to date, the get entry to rights agreed to via way of means of the present apps do now no longer extrade, so if you want to re-set up get admission to rights, you want to delete and reinstall the app you've got got already mounted.


Developer Contact:

Kakao T Taxi: 1599-9400

Kakao T Black: 1599-9400

Assistant Manager Kakao T: 1599-9400

Kakao T parking: 1599-9400

Kakao Navi: 1599-9400

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