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Download Lime - Your Ride Anytime Lime products are the ideal choice for avoiding carbon emissions for any mobility, anytime, anywhere.

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June 21, 2021
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Download Lime - Your Ride Anytime Free

Download Lime - Your Ride Anytime Lime products are the ideal choice for avoiding carbon emissions for APPSFIRE CO any mobility, anytime, anywhere.

Download Lime - Your Ride Anytime

Operating in more than 150 cities worldwide, Lime is a leading provider of electric vehicles, including scooters, bicycles and motorcycles. Lime offers electric vehicles that meet any needs, preferences, or level of comfort, whether they are intended to travel long distances to go to work or do some errands, accompany friends or explore a new city.

How to activate the service

Download the app, create an account, accept the user agreement, acknowledge that you have read the privacy notice, and add a valid payment method

Locate near you on the map where a Lime vehicle is available (vehicle availability depends on your location and supply process)

Unlock the vehicle lock by scanning the QR code, entering the plate number, or by pressing a button in the application, if this feature is available in your city

Use of environmentally friendly transportation

Our mission is to provide a carbon-free future, create cleaner, more livable cities that put people first.

Transport is one of the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate variability in the world, as this sector contributes about 25% of global carbon dioxide emissions. To tackle climate change and make cities healthier and more livable, we aim to revolutionize the world of urban transport, and to build a shared future based on electricity and free of carbon emissions. Light vehicle-based transportation is one of the most sustainable ways to travel, with the ability to use it instead of cars to travel all short distances.

Use transportation responsibly

Creating a safe community starts with using transportation responsibly. It is important that you remember the traffic rules before driving. You should always:

• Driving scooters and bicycles on bike lanes, not on the sidewalks

• Wear a helmet when driving

• Park the vehicle away from pedestrian paths, car lanes and ramps

Visit to learn more

You can read more about Lime's products and services, including how prices are calculated in our User Agreement, at:

Please review the Lime app for details on services and vehicles available in your city.

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