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Download LogiBrain Grids You will no longer have to take a paper booklet containing your favorite logic puzzles.

May 5, 2021
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Download LogiBrain Grids Free

Download LogiBrain Grids You will no longer have to take a paper booklet containing your favorite logic puzzles. t From now on, you can play it anywhere on your phone or tablet.

Download LogiBrain Grids

LogiBrain Grids is a generally network-based logical puzzle game. Solve these logic puzzles to keep your mind strong!

Now decipher the written clues and use the grid to determine the relationship between two elements and also eliminate other possibilities and solve the puzzle.

Optimized for phones and tablets instead of other paper, this app has great ability to erase errors or show a solution when it crashes as well. This makes focusing on the logic puzzle much easier and faster.

These logical puzzles are a strong real logic problem! Try now 20 puzzles for free. If you like, more bundles are available for in-app purchase, and each contains over 20 unique puzzles, for hours of baffling fun!

The game features many puzzles consisting of APPS of 3, 4 or 5 squares, all of which have a different difficulty level. This difficulty appears throughout the image behind the puzzle title.

If you like these logic puzzles, LogiBrain Grids is definitely something for you!

Can you solve these puzzles?

Enjoy the game now!

LogiBrain Grids Features

There are 20 free logic grid puzzles included to get you started.

- Many different difficulty levels so there is a puzzle for everyone.

You can press and hold the option to press “•” for a square and select “X” for all vertical and horizontal squares.

Now every puzzle is highly tracked so you can see the real time it took to solve the puzzle.

- Errors can be removed using the "Clear Errors" button.

- You just made a mistake? You can always use the undo feature.

- you hold? Now use the "Show solution" option.

- Resume now saved games automatically at any time.

There is a detailed explanation for the new users.

- There is a zoom and drag puzzle to match the screen size for small screen devices.

- Designed for Android tablets and phones.

- Additional largest packs of 20 puzzles each are available for in-app purchase.

If you like LogiBrain Grids right now, please take some time to give us a nice review. This helps us make the app better, Thanks in advance!

We offer puzzles in the following languages:

English language


* Game data is stored directly on your device. Saved data cannot be transferred between devices, nor can it be restored after deleting or reinstalling the app.

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