Baby Panda's Town: Supermarket Android APK

Download Baby Panda's Town From now on, you are the supermarket manager in Baby Panda's Town!

June 4, 2021
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Download Baby Panda's Town: Supermarket Free

Download Baby Panda's Town From now on, you are the supermarket manager in Baby Panda's Town! You can manage and modernize your supermarket, sell all kinds uptodown of products and serve customers!

Download Baby Panda's Town

Selling 36 kinds of products

A busy day has begun! Let's start with replenishing the inventory: snacks, fruits, and daily necessities, including chips, candy, apples, and toothbrushes. There is a group of 36 kinds of products.

Will the abundance of products attract more customers? Of course! Let's put the products on the shelves according to the classification!

Serving 21 customers

The supermarket welcomes its first customer. She wants to buy tomatoes. Can you take her to the veggie department? Two girls want to have an apple and lemon flavored ice cream. Please make ice cream for them.

You will serve 21 customers and help them get everything on the shopping list.

Update your supermarket

You can update your supermarket as soon as you have enough coins. Open the drink machine and buy a bowl to sell delicious juices and fish pie.

You can also make your Download Baby Panda's Town supermarket more luxury by having electrical appliances, such as a microwave oven and water dispenser in place!

The supermarket is closed and getting dirty. Let's clean it up!

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