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☀️ Is it related to the importance of shooting flawlessly lit photo scenes? 📷 Being a quality photographer, you will never lose sight of high-quality moderate lighting conditions again.

Plan the sun
April 12, 2021
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☀️ Is it related to the importance of shooting flawlessly lit photo scenes? 📷 Being a quality photographer, you will never lose sight of high-quality moderate lighting conditions again. Sunnytrack offers you the possibility to accurately plan the solar function and blue hour / night on your scenes. Regardless of whether it is panoramas or pictures of the elements, light performs an important function.

☀️ new apartment? New housing? Adapt your property with a sunscreen? Check out highlights and shades for all seasons. When does the sun rise through the dorm room window? v Where exactly is dawn, and where is the sunset? And during? In Augmented Reality (AR) 3-D-View Sunnytrack overlay your digital camera image with solar orientation and larger data for any day. Also in photovoltaics, identify the surest angles.

☀️ Simulate shadows cast by the means of objects into daylight using Simulate Shadow Mode. 🌳 You can see the duration and path of shadow, tree or building throws in your garden. Or use it to adjust the hillside adjacent to your private home to shade your plot.

☀️ Save and without problems, revisit sites like famous photo scenes or various items like houses. 📍

☀️ Data display 📈 Gives a lot of data and specific states about solar function such as daytime, noon, dawn and sunset, sunset and sunrise states (blue hour).

Sunnytrack suggests you the function and direction of the Suns for each region within the International Zone, at any time. They are easily displayed in distinct binoculars, as an example on a map or for your digital camera image using augmented reality. See the sun's summit and path (zenith) and its own path from dawn to sunset.

All functions:

  • • Easy to apply and great layout
  • Integrated map (with unique binoculars - satellite TV for PC, terrain ...)
  • • Show the solar floor on the map
  • • Put the sun compass on the map
  • • Search sites
  • • Choose the date and time
  • • Sunrise and sunset
  • • Sun cycle for a specific date
  • • The sun cycle for the shortest and longest day of 12 months
  • • Move time in one go by swiping on a graphical timeline
  • • Precise cases of sunset and sunrise
  • • A graph showing the peak of the sun throughout the day
  • Augmented Reality 3D View: View the solar post as an overlay on a static digital image for an entire day
  • • 3D realistic grid booster with coordinates
  • • the path of the sun and the role of solar energy every hour in the digital camera image to stay
  • Shadow simulator Use as many items as desired
  • • My Sites: Without the hassle of storing and re-visiting sites
  • • Dark appearance for the night hours
  • • Integrated offline help files
  • • Various settings that will be customized on my part

Application Information, Information about the use of the application is provided through the included offline assistance.

If you have questions, excellent ideas, criticism, or any guidance, please feel free now to touch using the built-in feedback feature or simply emailing to deal with the furnishings underneath.

Terms of Use / End User License Agreement (EULA)

By downloading, entering or using this application, you waive that despite the fact that the developer created it according to his / her understanding, there may be no guarantee that the application and its facts provided are complete and perfect. You agree that the developer of this application is now no longer responsible for any damages caused by downloading, placing or using this application.

Compatibility: There is a need for a compass sensor (not an uncommon niche) built on your device that uses 3-D AR display capability.

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