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Download Toca Pet Doctor Pets need your help! In Toca Pet Doctor, our animal friends want you to love,

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March 2, 2021
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Download Toca Pet Doctor Pets need your help! In Toca Pet Doctor, our animal friends want you to love, care, and help you.

Download Toca Pet Doctor

Now meet 15 animals that all crave your interest in the Sharia. Through innovative play you can help the pigeon or clean the puppy too! Oh no, does an uptodown angry worm accidentally wiggle itself into a certain knot?

The beautiful artwork and fun sounds designed for ages 2 to 6 guide your children through very different activities, enabling them to care for and feel the animals.

Features of Toca Pet Doctor

√ There are 15 lively and magical animals

√ When they're cured, they go back to sleep - wake them up and play again!

You can feed them flies, seeds and delicious vegetables!

√ The design is intuitive, safe and kid-friendly

√ is a beautiful original artwork

√ In the application there are no rules or pressures

√ No third-party ads

√ No in-app purchases

Meet the pets

- The magic of the dog that wizard in it
- BUN the friendly parrot

- Tarzan the fast inverted turtle
- An earthworm that is not very happy

- BLOB the sticky snail

- Pop spiky and iguana

- Molly the slave guinea pig

- Besset the gorgeous Yellow Canary
- Rascal, the powerful mischievous cat
- Pickled pigeons fun

- CID (pronounced Sssssid) python

- Dottie the magnificent spotted frog
- Jess "Beautiful Eyes" spider

- BRIE cheesy mouse

- The TOFU rabbit is vegetarian.


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