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Siz yeter ki isteyin. Vodafone Yanımda’yı şimdi indirin; zamandan kazanın, işlerinizi neredeyseniz orada kolayca halledin.Vodaf. Vodafone Yanımda

Vodafone Holding
June 18, 2021
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Download Vodafone Yanımda Free

Download Vodafone Yanımda Just Ask and Download the Apps fire Vodafone Yantım App now; Save time, handle your business easily and anywhere.

Download Vodafone Yanımda

With this Vodafone Yantım app and after installing it on your phone, you can perform many operations related to your connection at no cost * and follow up on special offers for you.

You can now know the remaining uses of tariffs and packages, as well as the details of your current bill.

You can easily pay your bill and download Mobile Lira (prepaid lines).

You can change the tariff and buy new additional packages.

You can now get a phone call from the store's list and via the Internet with free delivery in 81 provinces and fast and free delivery within a period not exceeding 3 hours in certain areas of Istanbul.

You can now filter the phone that suits your preferences in the store list as well as online and buy it with additional payment.

You can now benefit from campaigns in a world of opportunities such as food, drink, clothes and travel without ever needing an additional membership.

By using Android tools of different sizes, download Vodafone Yanımda, you can easily track remaining usage and balance at any time.

Now you can easily handle many other operations, from running 4.5G to opening or closing your line for international use.

For this, you do not need to contact Vodafone Customer Services or go to Vodafone Mobile Centers.

How can I get my password?

You can get a password for your Vodafone Yanim app by typing S and sending a free SMS to 7000.

Can I log in with just a few lines?

Yes, you can add and remove a new number from the "My Numbers" list in the app. Also, you can log in to the application with a different GSM number that you have specified.

* Vodafone Yanim is a free and without subscription application. The cost of the Internet connection that you will use to download the Vodafone Yanim application from the application market is calculated on your current data plan. You will be charged for your current data tariff and also for using the internet connection by means of the map coming from the third-party application used in the Vodafone Mobile Center communication unit.

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