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More than 5 million Android users trust the accuracy of our free weather forecast!* THE STRENGTHS OF OUR FREE APPLICATION: - Acc. My Weather App

April 19, 2021
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More than 5 million Android users trust the accuracy of our free weather forecast!

- Accurate weather forecast for your city and for the 15 next days
- The best weather global forecast provided by one of the famous national meteorological service
- Take part of the weather observation with our crowdsourcing feature
- Personalize your home page by selecting your favorite cities
- Rain radar and satellite images available 24/7
- Customizable widget, fits any size of screen!

** NEW **
- Share YOUR PICTURES of the sky on our heading Participatory observations
- The weather forecast is available for ALL the cities in the WORLD

- Access directly the weather forecast for the nearest city (geolocation) or one of your favorite cities
- For each of your favorite cities, select the weather information you want to display on the screen (+ button at the bottom right of the screen) from:
. Forecast of rain in the hour (according to territorial coverage)
. Forecast for the next 15 days
. Zoomable 3-hour radar and satellite animations
. Satellite image of the day, commented by specialists and zoomable

Create and configure the widget with the next 4 days forecast on the nearest city (geo-location) or on one of your favorite cities

- Click on the eye symbol to the left of the weather forecast to access participatory observation (share your observations, photos and consult in real time)
- Swipe vertically to scroll through the tiles
- Click on the main pictogram to obtain the UV index and the probabilities of rain and frost
- Change day by sweeping horizontally or clicking on the rafters
- Choose the time slot or the day of a click, it becomes main pictogram in the center of the screen
- Access all the features of the application from the main menu at the top left
- Keep your finger on a tile to move it and rearrange your display
- Memorize your favorite cities, change your home screen or configure your widget with the star at the top right
- Contact us via the "Your remarks" section of the main menu. Your feedback helps us improve our app

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