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WhatsApp can be downloaded for iPhone, Android, iPad, Tablets and even WhatsApp Web, which works via your computer browser in several ways. The download requires you to enter the WhatsApp application site, the

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WhatsApp application

WhatsApp can be downloaded for iPhone, Android, iPad, Tablets and even WhatsApp Web, which works via your computer browser in several ways. The download requires you to enter the WhatsApp application site, the application store or Google Play and download it to your phone and then activate it using the phone number and start using it for messaging and calling Today's article will speak Detailed information on the Whatsapp application, regardless of the system environment used, and we will also address many designations and terms such as WhatsApp Plus, Blue WhatsApp, Gold WhatsApp Plus and other designations spread in the world of messaging using WhatsApp.

WhatsApp application | Whatsapp

The famous messaging application was developed in 2009 and it has spread widely in the Arab world, especially Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries, due to the huge number of users who have relied on it since its release and despite the presence of many suspicions and charges that have been directed to the management and developers of this application that their application is not safe and its management cooperates With governments to give user data, however, it continued to grow and the number of its users increased until it reached in 2014 more than 500 million active users, 700 million photos and 100 million videos shared daily through this application, and in 2015, in an unexpected move, Facebook announced that it would support Voice calls and he gave it as a limited feature for some users, then after a while it came to everyone with video calls.

Facebook's acquisition of WhatsApp

WhatsApp application

In a shocking news in 2014 and in a big deal, Facebook announced that it had acquired the WhatsApp application for an amount of $ 19 billion, which was its biggest deal at that time, a shock to privacy-loving users even if it had not previously been officially announced WhatsApp's cooperation with governments, knowing that Facebook would take over On this number of users and this amount of data, especially since the technologists have prior knowledge of Facebook's horrors in violating privacy, this made it a step for information security experts to fear, of course.

Countries permanently banned Wat Sap

WhatsApp application

Because of internal or external differences, and also because of fear of spread and causing political problems, and because of fear of other cultures and other reasons, some countries permanently prohibit the application of WhatsApp from use, but rather disable all proxies and IPs that allow this application to work within these countries such as China, Iran, Turkey, Brazil, Sri Lanka, and Uganda. (Each country has its own cause.)

The emergence of secondary applications such as WhatsApp Plus - Blue WhatsApp and others

The WhatsApp application, with its limited features and updates, and far from satisfying the users' desire for a long time, until a developer in 2012 called Ralfanse released a WhatsApp Plus version, which then spread as an APK for users like the spread of wildfire for the features that this version added to the WhatsApp application, as the version is WhatsApp APK But the mod was modified in it, and from this we understand that the application code at the time was encrypted so that no one could access it, but the Stylesheet was not encrypted, which provided the opportunity to modify the color and some of the features of the display and became a distinct alternative at that time.

The WhatsApp Plus application sends a message directly to the WhatsApp servers in the same way as the original for the WhatsApp application because it will not work in the event that the Mac Address and the encryption keys are modified or redirected to other parties, and from this we understand that the process is a redesign, redirection and change in some non-encrypted commands and can be used The application at the time and there is no fear that your data will be stolen.

As for the blue WhatsApp, it is the same way, but the color has changed. And users continued to work on WhatsApp Plus and Blue until 2014, as WhatsApp began to ban anyone who used this app for 24 hours and would not be able to use WhatsApp again with the same number currently registered, and from here the war began on these applications until the developer came to age and introduced WhatsApp Plus Al-Dhahabi, which came in another way of working, for some time exceeded the WhatsApp ban for those who work with these applications.

WhatsApp and security application

If we are speaking in general, the application since its development and release in 2009 and until recently, suspicions were still surrounding the credibility of its team, its directors, and developers. WhatsApp has only two private stars from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and in 2017 The Guardian reported that security researcher Tobias Boelter found that WhatsApp's application policy forcing re-encryption of undelivered messages constitutes a security vulnerability through which the content of the message can be exposed, and in the same year and in the same newspaper also, the newspaper's editor Paul Chadwick wrote that there is an error in the previously issued report that the vulnerability is not only dangerous but poses a great threat. For freedom of expression.

Finally, in 2017, the WhatsApp application added end-to-end encryption in order to provide more protection for your information and for users who rely on this application, which is a very late step as it is useful for encrypting your messages saved with iCloud from Apple and Google Drive from Google. You can also read the article alternative secure messaging apps for WhatsApp and Viber to download and enjoy some privacy .

Download WhatsApp for iPhone, Android, Mac and Windows

WhatsApp application

As the saying says, its conclusion is held after this tremendous information about the WhatsApp application, its widespread types, security holes, and the Facebook acquisition, we must give you its download link on all platforms:

Download the WhatsApp application for iPhone

Developer: WhatsApp Inc.
Price: Free

Download the WhatsApp application for Android

Developer: WhatsApp Inc.
Price: Free

And those who wanted to link to download WhatsApp APK IPKfrom here

  • Link to download the WhatsApp application for Mac from here
  • Download the WhatsApp application link for Windows 64bitfrom here و 32bit from here
  • The official link to download WhatsApp Gold from here

We are satisfied with this drop on the Whatsapp application, which we will have other articles about how to permanently delete it from the phone, as well as how to activate it for iPad, Windows and even Mac. You are also used to my explanations for simplicity and step-by-step pictures.

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