Brawl Stars iPhone


Hacked Brawl Stars is a game full of multiplayer action between two teams. Players can meet with their friends in one squad to try to defeat the opponent's team in a private arena and collect all the crystals available on site. To achieve this goal, you need to develop and stick to tactics. To do this, capture heroes with some abilities and characteristics. All characters are upgraded, so you can improve your squad and make them invincible.

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Download LWARB - Brawl Stars Private Server hack for iPhone Donald Jailbreak

After downloading a hacked Brawl Stars game, you will be able to choose any character for yourself. There are many characters with different abilities and powers that give you freedom to choose. Then you will join the game with other players, split into two teams at both ends of the battlefield and try to destroy the opponent and win items such as gold or as many combinations as possible. Each unit contains three players, and each match is limited to a specific period. During that time, you and the other players will be resurrected as many times as you wish. But do not die many times if you do not want to lose the enemy team but try to hide in the grass to cover the enemy's vision or hide behind walls to make the enemy "evaporate" to evaporate. “Without going back again.

Features of the game Brawl Stars Hacked Star Wars for iPhone without jailbreak

  • 3v3 real-time wars and violence against players around the world.
  • Unlock powerful new fighters with every attack and exceptional abilities.
  • Customize your warrior with unlockable skins.
  • Upgrade your favorite warrior.
  • Form a gang of fighters with other players to share direction and battle each other.

LWARB is a private serverfor Brawl Stars that provides you with unlimited access to premium features such as resources, boxes, and more.

On this server, the basic game is very modified, you have new skins, damages caused by your Brawlers are changed, weapons are not the same, and many other changes!


  • Unlimited resources
  • All skins available
  • All Brawlers available
  • Dozens of maps
  • Any many more!

Developer: LWARB

Version: 21.76

Size: 164.3 MB

Last updated: Oct 15, 2019

LWARB - Brawl Stars Private Server LWARB Brawl Stars Download Brawl Stars Hacked