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Download Truecaller to Detect Identity & Block Number for iPhone and iPad most operating systems before going deep into the topic of downloading Truecaller or TRUE CALLER for iPhone

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Download TrueCaller for Android and iPhone to see who's calling

Truecaller (English: Truecaller) is a mobile application that allows searching for the identity of the caller, identifying unknown incoming calls, and blocking unwanted calls. Used to display caller phone number, caller ID readers have been hot items in the '90s. However, even today, in the era of the smart mobile device, the infrastructure for these caller ID services is still around. With Truecaller app for Android you can see who is calling before answering to help you with screen calls. It can even deny collectors a bill and other harassment.

Truecaller home page

When you click on the TrueCaller icon once, you will be shown the main page of Truecaller programs. Here, the index of incoming and outgoing calls appears for you first. If there was an unknown number, the program would display the number in the list of telephones, and then write above the number the name of the mobile device. Here, dear reader, you can search by the program on the name of the number. Therefore, by typing the number in the search section at the top of the application screen.

Also, you will find each number and name here in the book, followed by a group of data. It indicates whether the number is a work number, a modest mobile device, or a landline number. Just as it shows you whether the number called you or you who called, if you called, you will find the little green arrow pointing up, but if it was you who received the call, you will find the arrow pointing down. In addition to being aware of the time during which the call was made.

Download Truecaller

When you first set up that app, it prompts you to sync with Facebook to add your friend's numbers and photos. It taps in numbers and pictures of actually people in your contact list in a virtual manner. Truecaller also gives you a list of hundreds of suspicious numbers from a database user interface that you block simultaneously. Whenever you receive a phone, it displays any contact data in the app's large database so you can appreciate from the screen. And I will tell you if it is a number related to collecting an account statement or also with fraudulent callers. You can criminalize a number by answering any time you do not want to accept the phone. Aside from not giving the summon date incredibly elaborate, Truecaller still has caller ID worthwhile. If you've got a lot of malicious and troubling senders calling you from real people, give that app a single shot. You will have all the advantages of caller ID without needing to attach your mobile device to anything new. The summons blocking advantage is a terrible addition to a free app, as well.

truecaller download

It is worth noting that the TrueCaller uptodown app is free to use, as we can use the application without the need to pay any taxes or monthly subscriptions through the Google Play store as the program works for free on all Android and iPhone systems, and a paid version of the program is also available that contains Other additional features, and also, through the use of the Truecaller program, you can know the people who are calling and know information about them, such as the place of residence, and you can create your own account on the program. Connect in an easy and soft way.

Download True Caller Truecaller software supports all Android mobile phones or that use the IOS system. You can also download the program on your computer or Windows phone devices, Nokia phones, iPhone and Huawei phones for free. Also, True Caller download works in many languages ​​as you can use the appropriate language You have to facilitate the use of the program and the introduction of the program is very simple, so you can access any number easily as the program contains all countries of the Arab region and also contains millions of numbers from around the world, also the program happens to update it all the time and that for the purpose of adding new features and also to record numbers New as the interface has a powerful search engine that requires an Internet connection, so that it can search for any individual it wants

Truecaller :

Truecaller is an application used by millions of millions around the world, as the application provides you with several features that distinguish it, through which you can know data about the caller and also it can block adverse or unwanted people as it prevents them from contacting you, and it is worth noting that that The program is very easy to use, as all the program requires is that you register with it only and then you can start using it. Also, it can use the Truecaller program on any mobile phone as it is very light and does not slow down the device used.

Truecaller features

Knowing who is calling: The program contains a lot and a lot of information about people from around the world, as the program automatically clarifies the name of the caller when he calls you, as the program is considered a global contact directory that also saves you time and effort in searching to find out who is calling.

Block annoying numbers: The program provides you with a unique feature, which is blocking annoying numbers, as you can know the information of any number quickly and large and that because the program contains a large number of data, the program also contains a special section for intruders, which prevents them from contacting you at any time categorically .

Create an account: Truecaller allows you the opportunity to create an account above it, as it can add a personal picture of you and also information about you, such as your date of birth or your place of residence, even if anyone searches for you, he can see that data that you have shared on the site.

Language and voice: It is worth noting that by using the Truecaller program, you can set a unique ring for the caller, and also one of the features of the program is that you can choose your custom language as the application contains a large number of languages ​​from all over the world and this is because it is used in many countries and Countries around the world, just as you can identify the caller ID, enter it, improve the battery, and also can enter the help center if you encounter any problem in your use of the program and you will be able to solve it.

Truecaller app

The TRUECALLER program identifies the people you want to know, it shows you the name and the picture, records the calls and appears for you in the program when you want to search for a name or number. There are incoming and outgoing calls and missed calls. Blocked calls There is to delete all calls as soon as you want to delete as soon as you open the Internet and search About a number that shows you the name and the picture automatically, there are more than 300 million people who use the program. It helps many things. A program remains in TRUECALLER. The vigorous response code reader keeps notifications clear to you in which the voice calls are attached. It also remains to attach the telephones and knows whoever saw my profile keeps inviting to friends Remains in the program TRUCALLER whenever a message is sent to the program.

Truecaller search by name

The program remains on the phone contacts just as the blocking remains whenever you want to prevent an individual in the telephones renewing a list of the top intruders automatically criminalizing people who intrude on you Prohibit the numbers that are concealing Prohibition of residency that is from foreign countries Prohibition of numbers that are not in the phone directory remains in the program " Download Truecallar "TRUCALLER No advertisements. Delete all ads and enjoy the program without ads. Record any call on your mobile device or attach all telephones automatically. Restart or run afterwards. The sound is great, high cleverness. Greatly luxurious program that shows you all that you want on the program. Too many services."

Truecaller for iPhone

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