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SPSS computer program. The letters are the acronyms (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) and their meaning is the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences

Download the latest releases of the famous statistics program SPSS version 26.0 for Windows 64 bit - IBM SPSS Statistics

Name: IBM SPSS Statistics

Description: The popular statistics software SPSS 64-bit

Version Number: 26.0

Version Type: (64Bit)

Size: 526.2 MB
. The program is considered one of the most widely used programs for analyzing statistical information in sociology. Today it is widely used by researchers in the fields of marketing, finance, government and education. It is also used for analyzing questionnaires, managing information and documenting information.

The program has three basic windows:

  • Data view, which displays the data
  • The Variable view window displays the variables and their properties as they link to the previous window.
  • The results window, which is independent and called SPSS Viewer, displays the results (tables - drawings - results of statistical analyzes).

Data View displays the data

  • View cases within rows.
  • Display variables within columns.
  • Display data joining cells.
  • The Value Labels button displays the numerical values ​​(stored in the program) or the accompanying code (called Labels)

Variable view window

Shows properties of variables. Switching between the data and variable windows is done by pressing one of the two Tab signs, which are located in the lower left section of the program.

One of the arguments properties in the arguments window is: The variable name

What distinguishes the mutant and has the following characteristics:

  • The maximum length of the name is eight characters.
  • The symbols used are only Latin letters, numbers, the Underscore sign _
  • The name must begin with a letter.
  • There may not be a break between the name symbols.
  • Only lowercase letters are used in the name. (3)
  • The name may not be repeated more than once in the same program.

Label name sign, since the name has limited capabilities, this attribute gives a detailed explanation of the name and accepts all symbols (including Arabic) and gives a full explanation of the variable. Maximum length of 255 characters.

Measure denotes the type of the variable (Scale, Ordinal, ...)

Type indicates the style and format of the data (how it is displayed). Possible styles:

  • Digital Numeric for displaying numeric values.
  • Date style to display data from a style of date and time values.
  • The fiscal data style, dollar or custom currency
  • String and determines the maximum number of characters by Character

The layout window is accessed with a square header with three dots in the type column indicating the style of the variable.

Values are used for writing and modifying codecs

We put the numeric value (code) in the Value field and the corresponding value in the Value Label field and click Add to add it.

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