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Download WhatsApp for the computer. Run WhatsApp on the computer. WhatsApp for computers Download the WhatsApp program for the computer The latest version for free WhatsApp For PC WhatsApp Computer has finally become officially available for different computers equipped with two Windows Mac systems. WhatsApp chat service has started a wonderful successful journey of phones and has gained huge popularity since the launch of Android

Download WhatsApp for Computer program with a direct link, WhatsApp PC 2021

Download WhatsApp for PC, latest version, for free

WhatsApp for PC has finally become officially available for many Windows Mac computers, and the WhatsApp chat service started a wonderful and successful mobile journey and gained great fame since the launch of the Android system until it exceeded the number of users of this service. For more than a billion active users, so it became necessary to provide the WhatsApp program for different computers and different systems and this is what happened when we had a new version available for the system. Windows is suitable for all computers and laptops and works on almost any device, in today's topic we will fully review the new WhatsApp program for the new computer where we will show you how to download and use it in detail, in addition to a full video explanation about the program.

Introduction to the new WhatsApp for the computer program: -

WhatsApp computer program is one of the new versions of WhatsApp messaging service that allows the user to send and receive messages in the WhatsApp application and control the entire application, but through the computer, this program is very similar to the WhatsApp web service that we talked about in a previous topic where the Android phone was installed on it. , And install WhatsApp for Android or iPhone, install WhatsApp for iPhone, then scan the code in the program on the computer using the built-in camera in the WhatsApp application in the program settings, taking into account the connection of the two computers to the computer and the Internet via the mobile phone, so that all conversations and WhatsApp are transferred AP in the form. General for the computer screen where you can fully control the application through the computer or laptop you are using, and this is what we will explain in detail in the following pages. The paragraphs.

At this point, everyone knows exactly what WhatsApp is. What not everyone knows is that this chat and instant messaging app is designed not only to work on Android smartphones and iPhones, but it can also be installed on a computer for use on the desktop with its official app and without the need for it. Development by third parties.

You have already downloaded WhatsApp for Windows

Therefore, the Facebook branch has met the demands of users who want to be able to chat from their computers as well as other alternatives to WhatsApp that have allowed them to pre-order, such as Telegram, LINE or Facebook Messenger. With WhatsApp Messenger for PC, we can perform the same functions we do from our phones.

The differences between WhatsApp computer program and WhatsApp web service: -

The WhatsApp computer program was developed after a period of the launch of the famous WhatsApp web service to provide an easier way to access the WhatsApp application on the computer, as the above method requires an internet browser and also requires access to the link from the WhatsApp website, so the method was not good for users, so the difference between The WhatsApp program for the computer and the WhatsApp web service is that the program installs it on your computer and you do not have a connection from the browser, and it is sufficient for you to register it once, and when you want to open WhatsApp on the computer, it will open the program only if you use WhatsApp on the computer continuously, WhatsApp is for you. If you use WhatsApp many times, WhatsApp is a good site and you won't need WhatsApp for the computer.

Follow the conversations that started on your phone to your computer.

How does WhatsApp work on PC?

Do you remember whatsapp web version of the app for browsers? Well, it's similar. If the online version works from a window in Chrome or Firefox where we had to read the QR code on the phone and select the Web option in Settings, then here's the same thing: Run the app and read the QR code from your phone. The truth is, it is just a browser for the browser.

All your contacts and conversations will be present on your computer and on your phone, so you can follow the pending conversations. The only problem is that you need to activate your phone and an active data plan.

Forget the weird versions like Plus, Desktop, etc: this is the official version.

Can WhatsApp be run on a computer without the need of a phone?

The official methods that allow you to run WhatsApp on a computer is just one way that gives this device permission to open messages in the main application of your phone and if you are looking for a program installed on your computer that allows you to access the phone and then you can use the program completely from the computer Fortunately, this is not available for reasons of security and protection as the company says, but there is another solution that allows you to run WhatsApp on the computer and even any other Android application by installing this application in a simulator and if you do not know anything about it, we recommend that you watch a better topic. . Simulation programs to run Android applications on the computer to know more about the subject, in short, simulation programs are specialized programs that provide an appropriate environment in the operating system installed on the computer to allow the user to run Android applications on this system, and these programs usually have an emulation program and an interface that is completely similar to the Android system.

Explanation of the WhatsApp program for the computer: -

WhatsApp for PC is one of the simple and easy-to-use programs, however, we will fully explain everything about the application so that everything is clear to everyone. We provide a detailed video at the end of the topic explaining everything about the program, but below we will explain in detail how to register in the program and how to use it to send messages and discuss the program in general.

First, go to the WhatsApp download link for the computer from the bottom, then download the appropriate version for you, noting that the program is available in two versions, the first version is suitable for a 32-bit kernel and the second is suitable for a 64-bit kernel. If you don't know what cores are, we recommend watching the video while we explain it to you.

Run WhatsApp on computer without a phone

After downloading the program, install it in the usual way, and installing the WhatsApp exe program for the computer is very simple, all you have to do is double click to install the program and the installation will be done automatically and without steps, the program will copy its icon on the desktop screen in order to use the program.

Once you open the program, you will see an interface that looks exactly like the one shown in the image and it is also the same interface for the WhatsApp web service that we explained above. This interface includes some instructions explaining how to use the QR code that will be scanned on your phone so that you can run the program.

Open WhatsApp for the computer

Now it is the turn of the phone, open your phone and go to the WhatsApp application you have installed, it is not necessary to be the official WhatsApp application for Android as you can use any version of WhatsApp Plus mod such as Blue WhatsApp or Golden WhatsApp because it is still in the final modified applications of the official application.

Scroll to the left or right of the app, depending on the language you're using, where you'll find the plus sign, which is three vertical dots when you click on it. A drop-down menu appears with some properties. I am looking for WhatsApp Web, a function that allows you to open WhatsApp on a PC.

After opening WhatsApp Web, you will see an interface with a built-in QR code scanner and request to scan the code that appears in front of you on the screen, point the phone's camera at the computer screen until the code appears in the box specified in the application and wait for the application to scan the code.

Download WhatsApp for PC without phone

Now everything is over, the conversations have been transferred from your phone to the computer and you can completely manage the WhatsApp application through the WhatsApp program on the computer or laptop where you can send and receive messages, adjust WhatsApp settings and add statuses. All of these things are as if you were using the app on the phone.

Finally, if you are done using the program on the computer and looking to log in, then do the following, unlock your phone and follow the same steps mentioned above, which is to open the WhatsApp application and go to the WhatsApp Web. Here the app will show you the device that is now connected in addition to the ability to log out if you want as shown in the pictures

Main features of WhatsApp computer program

This version of WhatsApp for Windows comes with the following functions and features:

send a message

Manage groups.
Send photos and videos to hard disk or taken by webcam.
Configure your own user settings.
Save conversations directly to your computer.
Record voice messages with the microphone.
Elegant and functional user interface.
Search for text in your conversations.
Receive desktop notifications.
You will not need to control your phone. Your notifications and chats now on your desktop.

As you can see, it's just a simple process of exporting the application to your computer desktop. So you still can't figure out who your boyfriend or girlfriend is talking to or who's talking ... Stop trying to spy on people.

The advantages of using and downloading the WhatsApp program: -

Supported Languages: WhatsApp for PC provides excellent functionality and fully supports almost all international languages. This function is that the program appears in the language that the application uses on your phone, for example, if you use WhatsApp in Arabic, the WhatsApp program for the computer will appear to you in Arabic, and this includes any other language, and the language and this feature works automatically and does not need any number from you . .

Whatsapp computer

Ease of use: The WhatsApp computer program brings many advantages in its new version, the most important of which is the distinctive interface that makes using the program very simple as it is very similar to the way it is used. Use the app on the phone to perform various tasks, such as sending messages, adding statuses, settings, conversation methods, and all these things happen.

Ease of access: On WhatsApp Web, you must enter the URL or a specific website address to use this service. If you forget this address, you may find it difficult to access it, but with WhatsApp computer, you don't need all of that. All you have to do is download, install and register the program once, and then you can always use the program with ease.

Download WhatsApp for the computer

Lightweight and fast: When testing the program on different devices with different specifications, it was found that the program works very efficiently and with different capabilities and does not require the operation of powerful devices and this makes the program suitable for almost any device. Whether your specifications are high or low without a difference in performance.

Supports all systems: WhatsApp computer program is now compatible with Windows and Mac systems, with various cores as we explained in the previous periods. So you will not have problems with program compatibility with the device, even with previous versions of Windows and Mac, the program will work perfectly and without problems

What is new in the latest version?

Conferences and video calls allow up to 8 participants.
Additional information and requirements:
Minimum operating system requirements: Windows 8.

How many users are on WhatsApp?

The strangest thing is the time it takes to modify Windows. Especially since we are talking about the most popular chat program in the world according to the data provided by the company: more than a billion users in February 2016 and the most popular application in countries such as Spain, the United Kingdom, Italy or Germany.

WhatsApp computer

Very interesting detail considering that it was bought by Facebook for $ 21 billion Messenger has already been installed on millions of smartphones. Therefore, Mark Zuckerberg now controls the vast majority of mobile phone communications around the world.

Is WhatsApp linked to Facebook?

Most importantly, WhatsApp does not share your WhatsApp contacts with Facebook or any other member of the Facebook companies, and there are no plans to do so. WhatsApp does not share your messages on Facebook either. ... only matching people can read your messages, not WhatsApp, Facebook, or anyone else.

Does WhatsApp use your phone number?

Although WhatsApp uses phone numbers as contacts, calls and messages actually use data connection; Therefore, both sides of the conversation must have access to the Internet on their mobile device. As a result, WhatsApp users are not responsible for SMS and MMS charges. WhatsApp is owned by Facebook.

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