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Download DOFUS Touch The ultimate adventure is at your fingertips in this awesome game!

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Download DOFUS Touch for free

Download DOFUS Touch The ultimate adventure is at your fingertips in this awesome game!

Download DOFUS Touch

As you search for legendary dragon eggs, travel across the boundless universe, meet players from all over the world, and create your own legend.

Fight unique creatures and formidable bosses, practice appsfire a profession, use your resources, become a guild leader, conduct raids, participate in tournaments...

With Dofus Touch, there's something for everyone!

Download DOFUS Touch

AN ENDLESS WORLD, CHALLENGES FOR ALL - Fight monsters, become an artisan, create or become guild leaders, go on epic quests and earn rewards, or simply connect to chat... The vast universe of Dofus Touch allows you to do all this!

• ONE CUSTOMIZED TO YOUR IMAGE - Whether you prefer to land heavy blows with your sword, sturdy traps the days, or heal your allies, one of the current 15 character classes will suit your species. In just a few seconds, create a hero who looks like you (well, sexier and with more muscles).

• Huge community of gamers - bring your friends and make new ones! Storm dungeons together or ally with other guilds. Whether you are a warrior, trader or diplomat, you will never be alone in Dofus Touch!

• PvP tactical encounters - money wars, alliances, 3v3 battles in the arena or 1v1 battles anywhere: Dofus Touch Human Kingdom PVP!

• Ability to Evolve - Become a mighty warrior by crushing your enemies. Your strategy will make all the difference. Climb through 200 experience levels and choose (or create) your gear!

• A player-driven economy: trade, share, negotiate and make your place in the community. Become a baker, hunter, tailor... or breeder of dragoturekeys, the most famous mounts in the world of the Twelve!