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If you intend to use or may have used any modified WhatsApp application such as GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus or any other modified WhatsApp application, then you must

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Safe Usage of WhatsApp MOD (GBWA, WhatsApp Plus, OGWA)

How to use WhatsApp MOD safely, without getting your account banned?

If you intend to use or may have used any modified WhatsApp application such as GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus or any other modified WhatsApp application, then you must read this article that will explain to you how to use it in a safe manner. If you are the person who intends to download GBMOD for the first time, then this article will be helpful for you and also for those who are facing the problem of getting their account temporarily banned on WhatsApp, this article will also help them. So let's see how to use WhatsApp MOD safely without getting your account banned, and on the other hand how to unblock WhatsApp from the account.

What are GBWA, WhatsApp Plus, OGWA?

Let me tell you that there are many modded (MOD) versions of WhatsApp available on the internet, such as GBWhatsapp, Whatsapp Plus, Whatsapp and more. These versions are known as WhatsApp Mods and you can find them on our website. These versions are safe to use on Android devices but not safe for accounts due to WhatsApp's terms of use. These modified versions violate WhatsApp terms and if WhatsApp detects any modified app connected to an account, it may block the account temporarily/permanently. So how can you be safe and use modified WhatsApp without being detected? Well, I will share some tips that may help you.

Don't use your primary phone number, use a temporary number instead

We strongly recommend that you, in each article, do not use your primary phone number/primary account when using modified WhatsApp apps. Use a temporary phone number instead. You can also get a temporary phone number through apps and websites that provide temporary phone numbers.

Do/Don't use these features in WhatsApp MOD

As we know, WhatsApp mods (GBWA, OGWA, WA+) have some amazing features that make these mods very popular and different from the original version of WhatsApp. However, some of these features are the reasons that lead to account ban, so let's take a look and try not to use these features in your modified WhatsApp app.

Longest case:

If you are using apps like GBWA, Whatsapp Plus or their alternatives, then you might be aware of the common feature found in these apps which is status length. You can upload long status in your WhatsApp application. For example: If you try to set a video status, you may learn that you cannot upload a video longer than 30 seconds which is inconvenient for some users. All the modified versions of WhatsApp found on this site have a long video status feature that allows you to upload a video up to 7 minutes long instead of 30 seconds.

Do not use this feature in your WhatsApp, turn it off or simply do not upload a video status longer than 30 seconds.

Do Not Disturb Mode (DND)

“DND” stands for “Do Not Disturb”, which is a feature found in WA MOD. These apps help you not receive messages when you don't want to. When this feature is activated, you will not receive messages from the application whether or not an Internet connection is available. Try not to use this feature and do not activate it.

Privacy features:

Edited text: GBWhatsapp and other alternative versions have a common option called “Privacy”. Many features can be found in the Privacy panel, including hiding online status, editing and writing..


In this concluding section, I will not examine the features or the issue of blocking. Here I will tell you what I tried to convey to you through this article. To keep your WhatsApp account safe, please do not use GBWA or WA plus, and if you still want to use them, make sure you have the required knowledge about them.


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