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Download all versions of Instagram Plus for iPhone without jailbreak for free. Many people have attached themselves to the Instagram application, and that application has become one of the most popular social networking applications used among people as it is a free application that people use

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Download Instagram Plus Gold Download all versions of Instagram Plus for Android and iPhone for free

Download all Instagram Plus versions for iPhone for free without jailbreak

Many people have associated with Instagram, and this app has become one of the most popular social media app among people. It is a free application that people use to post their photos and share with their friends, and the application allows its users to take pictures, record and post videos, to share unique moments with friends and look at social media users. The Instagram social application is considered a breakthrough in the world of social networks, as it was one of the first applications that paid attention to pictures and videos.

Create an Instagram app

Instagram was launched in 2010 and has been liked by many users for what has become one of the most important social media applications. Facebook acquired this app in 2012 in one of the highest bids and there was a lot of buzz among people before the news was officially announced due to the importance of the Instagram app to its users. .

The reason to launch Instagram Plus app

The original Instagram application lacks many of the advantages that caught the attention of many of its users and wished that those benefits were available in the Instagram application, such as the inability to save or download images through the application. Instagram and many other loopholes. For this reason, users of the original Instagram app demanded a new version of the Instagram app with updates that make app users associated with the app a lot.

Advantages of Instagram Plus app

The Instagram Plus app has been launched to add the features that the original Instagram missed:

The Instagram Plus app should be able to save photos and videos to the user's device.

Show photos and videos as list or tiles display.

The ability to hide comments that you want to hide in your account.

The ability to open links through the Instagram application without the need to switch to another browser.

Providing the user with the Instagram Plus application to share the photos and videos he wants through any other application via Instagram, such as sharing the image via Instagram and Facebook simultaneously, and other applications such as pictures with third-party applications.

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See the date and time of the photo displayed on the site

The ability to save what friends post via Instagram Plus whether it is a post account, photo or video.

Save and download videos and photos through Instagram in high or low quality, you have to choose.

The security system of Instagram Plus has changed and your account is protected by setting a strong password or by fingerprint and face.

Instagram Plus displays the photos as they are, in full size and quality, without any changes.

You can use Instagram and Instagram Plus apps simultaneously without any problem.

The timeline is displayed differently from what the original Instagram app user used.

Instagram Plus also allows you to download live broadcasts, not just photos and videos in the app.

The video starts through the Instagram Plus application, whether with sound or image, and this is what makes the Instagram Plus application different from the original Instagram application where the video appears through the original application. Instagram starts with the image only and without sound.

Availability of copies of comments, posts, etc.

Translate any post into the language you want, but this feature was available in the original version of Instagram, and designers worked on developing it in the Instagram Plus version, so now you can translate comments into the language you want as well.

Resize the image from zoom in, zoom out, zoom out and zoom out.

Display the caption on the image at an appropriate size even when the image is greatly enlarged

The ability to view the high-quality profile of other accounts created through the application.

Hide your view of someone's story, so that the owner of the story does not know that you have viewed it, click the "Settings" button, then choose Privacy and choose to hide the existing display mark when choosing Othe

Important notes on Instagram

First of all, Instagram Plus is one of the most secure applications, and this point may interest many for having your private photos and videos in this application.

Second, if you have the old version of Instagram and want to keep it, then you need to activate the OGinsta app in order to use Instagram Plus and the original Instagram.

Third, Instagram Plus is only available for Android phone users and a suitable iPhone version has not been provided.

Settings inside the Instagram Plus app

  1. You can copy what is written and attached to pictures through Instagram Plus
  2. Enable writing in date and time to show or hide photo on Instagram.
  3. You can control the size of the image before posting as you can zoom in and out with Instagram Plus app.
  4. You can post the photo to Instagram Plus in its original size.
  5. You can play the video posted on Instagram Plus directly only by browsing the site or disable this feature, then the live video playback and video playback are only disabled when you press the play button.
  6. You can hide the comments made by friends on the videos and photos that you have posted on Instagram Plus.

Instagram Plus settings

  • You can mark all friends' stories as read without reading them through Instagram Plus.
  • You can skip the automatic skipping of Friends' Stories.
  • Choose to save photos and videos in the quality that suits you.
  • Ability to select the file in which you want to save images and videos.
  • Instagram Plus messaging settings
  • You can turn off message read verification so that you can read messages without showing any signs of this.
  • You can activate the alert notifications service when the person you spoke to takes a screenshot.
  • Stop showing stories of friends calling or referring to you.

How to create an Instagram Plus account

The way to create an account through the Instagram Plus application is no different than the way to create an account through the original Instagram application through it

First, you must install the application through the store on your phone, for example Google Play, and choose the language in which you want to use the application.

Second, Instagram Plus allows you to log in with your Facebook account and you can also log in using your email or mobile phone number.

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Third, choose to create a new account through Instagram Plus using your email, then click the Done or Next button to skip the email registration step and go to the step to choose a password for your new account. An account via Instagram Plus.

Fourth, write your phone number and confirm it, because Instagram Plus will send you a message with a confirmation code on your phone and try to verify your phone number carefully because you lost your account password, and Instagram Plus will send a message about this number with a code to confirm that you are the owner of the account.

Fifth, you can find your friends via the Facebook app to become friends on Instagram Plus.

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