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WhatsApp Watusi: a more complete and customizable version of WhatsApp Messenger. The latest version of WhatsApp Gold for iPhone, WatusiGold, Gold WhatsApp.

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Download the latest version of WhatsApp Gold for iPhone Watusi

Finally, developer of WhatsApp MODs apps has taken over iOS users. Yes, we all know that the system developed in Cupertino has a lot of limitations when it comes to using modified software, but if you have an iPhone or iPad with protection from Cydia, you will have no problem trying other types of software such as this version other than Official WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Watusi is an innovation of Fouad Raheb, a well-known developer in the world of MODs. This time it introduces us to a new version of the messaging app par excellence that he created for both Android in APK format and for iOS in IPA format.

One correct WhatsApp download for iPhone

WhatsApp Golden has been integrated with the Watusi tool that you can take advantage of without having to make Gelbrek for the device, as Whatsapp Golden has many original additional benefits, including: freezing appearing, changing program colors, ways to protect the application from hackers, and recording calls in WhatsApp Golden And many other features you can take advantage of by downloading WhatsApp Golden for iPhone from the following link, then follow the explanation to learn about WattsiGold Gold watusi Download .

Download Watusiglod Gold for iPhone

Note / This version of WhatsApp for iPhone has been confirmed to work because it is working again and there is no problem that you can download it and take advantage of it, but make sure to delete the original WhatsApp before downloading.

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Download WhatsApp Gold for iPhone

Download Whatsapp Watusi

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WhatsApp Watusi

Before downloading the WhatsApp Gold program:

  1. Make sure to delete the original WhatsApp.
  2. After downloading WhatsApp Gold, you find that it supports notifications in an effective way.
  3. WhatsApp golden in its new look now supports stickers.

New features in WatusiGold WhatsApp Gold

When the WhatsApp Gold is finished downloading and moving to the settings, you will notice a special menu for Watusi Gold settings as in the following picture, then continue the attached explanation after the image:

Settings of the WhatsApp Gold program for iPhone

First: Privacy:

There are many options that give you more privacy and security, including the following:

  • Freeze last seen: With this option, your contacts will not know that you are “online now” and they will not know the last time you opened WhatsApp.
  • Hide the message reading flag: where you can control the two check marks, and if enabled, you can select to read messages to specific people, control the showing of the writing or sent messages mark, and show an audio clip being recorded.
  • Hide the message access flag: Since your contacts will not know that you have received their messages, only one checkmark will appear for them.
  • Hide and mute call: Contacts will not know that you mute the microphone during a call.
  • Disable Voice Calling: With this option, you can disable voice calling and block all incoming voice calls.
  • Automatic control of last seen privacy: No one sees it when WhatsApp is running in the background, and contacts see it when WhatsApp is in use.

Second: Protection:

Through the WatusiGlod application, you can communicate through it safely, through the protection options inside it, which are:

  • Set a password for the application: by making a password consisting of 4 characters to protect the application.
  • Chat protection: Also, through this step, you set a 4-digit password.
  • Hide the last message: through several options provided by the application, which are None, Locked, All.
  • Bypass application protection: This is a set of options with which you can bypass the existing protection.

Third: Case Additions:

Through this option, you can control the situation more precisely, such as:

  • Show the download button: where you can add a button at the bottom right in the case to download it.
  • Disable the status vision display: This option makes the case see manually through the eye.
  • Show Contact Groups: You can easily create groups, select and add contacts.
  • Disable automatic progress: disable automatic progression of cases.
  • Hide Status Bar: You can hide the blue dot icon that appears on the status button icon in the bottom bar of the application when there are new cases.

Fourth: Watusi chat add-ons for iPhone:

You can control the chat additions option through a group of options available to you, which are:

  • Exceeding the deletion limit: Exceeding the 7-minute limit set by WhatsApp to delete minutes.
  • Preserving the messages of deleted contacts: The messages that your contacts deleted from you will not be deleted, and the deleted messages icon will appear on the other side of the conversation.
  • Status in Conversation: Show the contact's status below the name within the conversation.
  • Confirm call: where an alert is to confirm the audio or video call button.
  • Click to record: You can click once to start the audio recording, tap once again to send, or swipe left to delete the recording.
  • Disable automatic audio playback: Stop WhatsApp from automatically playing the audio message.

Fifth: Other Additions:

  • Install more than 3 chats: You will be able to install an unlimited number of chats.
  • Lock archive conversations: Click and hold on any existing chat in the archive to request that it be closed.
  • Groups List: Where a mobile bar button is added, you can open a list containing all your groups.
  • Displaying photo via filter: This will lead to the ability to display the profile picture by clicking on the profile pictures in the chat or favorites list.
  • New chat options: where you can enter the number to send on WhatsApp without the need to memorize it.
  • Swipe to delete a chat: You can swipe the chat to the right to delete it.
  • Scrolling to display contact information: You can replace sliding chat left to make it unread to display contact information.
  • Remove Chats button: With this option, you can delete chats.
  • Increase case letters: The number of case letters increases from 139 to 256 characters.

Sixth: Media:

There are custom media options that you can control as you wish, such as:

  • Share buttons: where you can activate them in WhatsApp Gold or cancel them.
  • Shape: where there are several options for the shape, including the default, image menu, black, white.
  • Button activation: where you can activate or disable buttons about location sharing, music sharing, last picture sharing, contact sharing, and many other options available to you.
  • Unlimited number of photos: You can select an unlimited number of images and send them at once.
  • Media convert button: It allows you to convert new in Media Gallery so that you can convert the message to more than one contact at the same time.
  • Disable saving WhatsApp camera photos: Disable saving media sent by WhatsApp camera to your photos application.

Seventh: User Interface:

  • Camera button: where you can replace the camera button located in the middle of the lower bar of the application with the favorites page.
  • Disable large emoji: You can disable the large emoji that appears when the message contains only one emoji, only two, or only three.
  • Show seconds: You can add the seconds counter on the last appearance of messages and anything that shows the time in WhatsApp.
  • Show the keyboard: where the keyboard appears directly when entering the conversation.
  • Landscape mode disabled: Rotation of WhatsApp to landscape is disabled.
  • Mute sounds and keyboard clicks, hide the camera button, hide the microphone button, hide the stickers button, hide the profile picture, hide the voice call button, the video call button, and activate the full screen mode.

Eighth: Notices:

  • Special notifications: When you activate this option, the address appears in front of you and you must enter the name of the contact, and the message that you must enter the text of the notification message that will appear to you, and through this option you replace the contents of the notifications in WhatsApp.
  • Hide mute badges: Hide WhatsApp badges for muted chats and groups.
  • Enable internal notifications: This option will keep WhatsApp active in the background, but it will increase battery consumption.

Ninth: customizing application colors:

  • Activate the application's coloring: it shows you a wide range of colors from which you can choose your favorite color.
  • Message text colors: including activating font customization, the color of the received chat text, the color of the sent chat text, the color of the links and the entered text.
  • Messages background colors, message status elements, keyboard color, and app's night mode activation.

Finally: Add stickers:

With the Stickers Manager option, you can create your own stickers and add them to the golden WhatsApp application through the extension icon + located at the top of the screen and use it in the application. You can learn more about stickers in WhatsApp through the following article: Designing WhatsApp stickers for iPhone.

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