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There are many similar applications to the official WhatsApp application, but WhatsApp Omar is the most version that you can use and you trust that all your information and conversations are safe. Burgundy, pink application, and blue application can be obtained in an easy and simple way.

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Download Omar Al-Wardi WhatsApp latest version against the ban OB2WhatsApp v27

Download WhatsApp Omar Al-Wardi latest version v27 against ban 0BWhatsApp another group

To download the Watts Omar Al-Wardi application, in its version, is against the ban

Features WhatsApp pink age version 27

1- The copy has become valid for more than 5 months from the date of its publication.
2- Activate the night mode.
3- Add the transparent mode option.
4- Add a VPN proxy.
5- Add the option for quick access to chats (allows you to access any conversation without returning to the main interface).
6- Add the option to blow up the text (send any number of messages).
7- Add the luxury text option (text decoration).
8- Add the option for quick emotional texts.
9- Improving the option to activate instances such as instances of Instagram.
10- Adding a new version OB4WhatsApp with the official green theme.
11- Re-add Falling Effects option.
12- Adding new shapes to Falling Effects option.
13- Add the Effects option when scrolling conversations up and down.
14- Re-enable Creator to show you who did your work in the group.
15- The ability to view your messages or messages of any group member separately.
16- Activate the option of who can add me to groups.
17- The ability to activate or disable the word Read more in long messages.
18- Re-add the automatic reply option.
19- Re-add an option to schedule messages.
20- Add an option to prevent left and right scrolling between chat, status and calls.
21- Add an option to delete or call to chat when swiping left or right.
22- The ability to delete messages from everyone, even if a long time has passed.
23- More waste cleaning options have been added.
24- Add more color control options.
25- Add more notification options.
26- Performance and release speed improvements.

Download Omar Al-Wardi WhatsApp latest version against the ban OB2WhatsApp v27
Watts Omar

Features of WhatsApp Omar Al-Wardi version v27

  • This copy ranks as the safest version and is also against ban.
  • The period in which this version works is more than 3 months, and the update is not required until after the notification for the update appears.
  • Sent or received texts can be translated into any language if desired.
  • In the WhatsApp Omar application, you can specify an unlimited, very large number to send the same message to them at the same time.
  • In that latest update, you can install more than 1000 conversations instead of just 3 conversations as in the official app.
  • Fix problems related to delayed sending of some messages on types of phones, in addition to the ability to download themes, in addition to many fixes and improvements recently added to that version.

The features that distinguish this version from the old versions

  • That copy is an anti-ban version.
  • This existing update is similar to the official WhatsApp update and more additions for WhatsApp Omar.
  • You can hide the receipt and read the message, hide the blue tick.
  • View status can be hidden.
  • Newly added wallpaper shapes.
  • Fixed the cumbersome messaging cause.
  • Change the appearance of the external icon on the phone's desktop.
  • Maintenance of forced shutdown that occured at times.
  • The ability to respond solely to the owner of the sent message if the message is sent to a group with a large number of people.
  • Some other fixes that are causing problems.

The features of the v22 version of the Watts Omar Pink apk download

  • In addition to raising the level of protection against ban, the application will work for more than 4 months.
  • The ability to add multiple chatting, and the possibility of group communication enables four people to have a group video call.
  • The ability to delete messages sent from both the sender and the recipient parties.
  • The possibility not to delete the cases from you, you can see the cases hidden from you.
  • Add new themes.
  • The possibility of adding a secret lock to the application from outside.
  • The ability to lock a specific conversation with a password.
  • Enables an option to hide media from gallery.
  • Add new forms for letters on the old ones.
  • The ability to post videos longer than 30 seconds without cutting them.
  • You can only limit people who can contact you and block others.

V21 ob2whatsapp apk version

  • The period of time that the application can be used extended to 3 months.

V20 version : ob2whatsapp apk download

  • Copy against the ban.

V19 version :

  • You can choose to have Quranic verses or remembrances appear on the chat screen.
  • Google Play version 2.19.17 update.
  • Enable new flash drives.
  • Enable multiple conversations.
  • Fix problems with heavy messaging and slow message reception.
  • Ability to send and receive stickers, download and update from google play.
  • Reply individual responses in group messages.
  • Some fixes related to themes and application crash while updating and downloading.
  • New shapes for the messages icon.

V17 version :

  • Update the application to support animation.
  • Reset the possibility of a wallpaper in the chat screen.
  • Support all sticker programs on Google Play.
  • The ability to use or add new lines.
  • You can install as many conversations up to 30 installed conversations.

V16 version :

  • It is present at version 2.18.327 on the App Store.
  • The possibility of using stickers in the application.
  • The ability to specify a person and send him a message in a group.
  • Its size is not more than 36 MB.
  • Select the media that you want to hide from Gallery.
  • The message can be marked as having read from the notifications and without the need to open the application and chat.
  • The ability to control showing your status to the caller "calling", and he will not see "ringing".
  • You can save someone's conversation as a zip file, and you can share it or transfer it to another number.
  • Enable you to easily copy a small portion of a large message.
  • The ability to respond to the message by swiping it from right to left.
  • You can mark a message so that you know where you stopped in that conversation from reading its messages if you exit the conversation and enter after a while.

V15 version :

  • Update it at google play2.18.122.
  • The group owner can control group members to send messages or stop them from sending.
  • You can record a long audio clip by dragging the record button up and leaving it, and you do not need to be pressured on it for the duration of the recording period.
  • Enable turn off the alarm and mute notifications from within the app itself.
  • New languages ​​added: Brazilian and Italian.
  • The ability to change the color of the notification bar within the conversation.
  • See the other party's pinned status at the top of the chat screen.

Download Omar Al Wardi WhatsApp v28 version :

  • The new update has an option that enables you to return to the old version to enjoy its options and advantages if you do not accept that new version.
  • New animated effects added.
  • When someone deletes a message from the conversation between you, a message is sent from the "retrieval" application.
  • If you are the group admin, you can prevent regular members from changing the group name or changing the group icon.
  • Multiple chatting.
  • Update to version 2.18.46.
  • Enable sending a large video clip up to GB in size.
  • Enable your video player to link with the app and play videos and media on WhatsApp.
  • When someone in a group sends you a message, an @ sign will appear to inform you that there is a message of yours here.
  • The ability to convert a video into an animation.
  • Ability to control text size.
  • Ability to change font shape.
  • The ability to change the title color of the group in which you are a member or a supervisor.
  • The ability to show or hide the description of your group in the conversation screen.
  • The possibility of specifying some conversations for automatic response.

V13 version :

  • The ability to stop receiving messages from WhatsApp by blocking the internet on it with the ability to connect the internet to the rest of the applications.
  • Auto reply to some specific conversations.
  • The ability to write case letters of up to 500 characters.
  • The ability to copy a case.
  • Change the shape of the external application icon in the shape of a country flag.
  • Increase the appearance of messages in 7 new forms.
  • Stop ads appearing in the app.
  • Support for new languages ​​like Hindi and German language.

V12 version :

  • The beginning of adding the Quran and the supplications to the application.
  • The copy is in work for up to 5 months.
  • You can copy the supplications in the application or the Quran and share it with your friends.
  • The ability to send one message to more than 1000 people at one time.
  • This version, or version, is pink, and is more preferred by girls.
  • The presence of new sounds within the application to send or receive messages.

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