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Guide your funny and cute hamster through the maze full of obstacles.Climb stairs, balance on swing, crawl over balls, roll thr. Hamster Maze

April 17, 2021
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Download Hamster Maze Now guide the funny and cute hamsters through a large maze full of obstacles. Climbing ladders, balance in a swing, crawl on colored balls, now roll through tubes and traverse many other fun and interactive barriers and nothing Apps fire can stop you on your way to food! Drive the hamster and be with easy one-hand control and enjoy funny animations of your pet.

Download Hamster Maze

Customize your hamster as you like! You can save hamsters for their selection. Change their clothes, accessories, hats and even mustache. Collect them a lot and get the most elegant or funniest hamsters. Advance through the game to unlock more customizations.

Feel the speed and freedom of the journey with this new sailing gameplay.

Now jump into a pool full of soap bubbles to ride one and reach higher places.

Can you now overcome the obstacle course and escape from the maze?

No hamsters have been harmed while developing this game!


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