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fmwhatsapp You will find a link for the latest update from WhatsApp Fouad Plus with a direct link and against the ban through the "uptodown app". Do not hesitate to download "FMWhatsapp" WhatsApp Fouad is against the ban.

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fmwhatsapp Download WhatsApp Fouad Anti-ban Latest version FMWhatsapp V11.5 Download WhatsApp Fouad Plus

Download FMWHatsApp Latest Version: A modified app from the official WhatsApp is always a better choice than an original app, and the same is true for Whatsapp. If you have been using WhatsApp Mods before, or maybe you are looking for a new one, FMWhatsapp will simply make things easier for you. FMWhatsapp offers a lot of features that the original WhatsApp wouldn't give you. Things like customization, privacy, security and advanced procedures exist to give its users a better experience of using Whatsapp. Download to download FM WhatsApp version oflast 2021 Fm Whatsapp .

There is a reason why we have always sought mod APKs instead of the original version, and so is the flexibility and user experience of the app with MOD APKs enhancing the overall user experience. Mod developers are tweaking the existing features of the existing feature and always trying to add more features to the app. This is the reason why the majority of people today insist on using Whatsapp MOD APKs. GB Whatsapp, Whatsapp Plus, OGWhatsapp and 'FM Whatsapp some' are some of the most popular WhatsApp MOD apps on the internet today. We have also provided you with direct links to Whatsapp MOD APK.

What is WhatsApp Fouad What's FM Whatsapp?

FM Whatsapp is a modified and updated version of the original Whatsapp. Regardless of the fact that the official version does not contain any errors, it still requires a limited number of features, and in a limited number of times it becomes irritating and irritating to use the application. FM Whatsapp is a production that provides useful features not present in the original application. It does not matter whether we are using original or quantitative performance, we are constantly looking for the best performance that gives us the highest advantages. There is a large quantity of Whatsapp MOD APK applications on the net, some of them are fake or purely a copy of the original application that did not add any modern features to it. So, we decided to collect Whatsapp MODs from various reliable sources and make them simply available to you. For today's article, we discussed a limited number of FMWhatsapp features via the direct download link. Try FMWhatsapp APK latest production and enjoy all these amazing features. The Penguin Lotus

Download fmwhatsapp WhatsApp

We cannot imagine a world without WhatsApp. The ultimate king of ruthless messaging apps enabled it to kill short messaging and cut phone calls to less than 50%. However, we can continually experiment with its improvement, which is justified in light of the large number of heterogeneous clones seeking to add recent features to the best conversation in the world.

Fouad Miqdad's name begins to ring a bell among MODs users. This optimizer has already created three different WhatsApp MODs that have reached specific popularity thanks to feature revisions, password-protected conversations, app customization or revisions to document transfers. What any user would want for that app.

Some of the advantages of WhatsApp Fouad regarding WhatsApp Messenger

Although WhatsApp is one of the most installed applications on mobile phones in the world, the long list of improvements implemented by FMWhatsApp - Fouad WhatsApp shows us that the application owned by Facebook is not far from perfect. For this reason, this upgrade includes all the features, functionality and subsequent updates: it

contains all forms of graphic detail downloadable for customizing the front of the messaging performance.

A position length of up to 250 characters.
Packs of various emoji to choose from.
It allows us to easily use two WhatsApp accounts on the same device.
It allows us to hide notifications that may be harmful or disturbing to the user.
Transferring documents of all formats amounts to fifty megabytes.
The limit for sending visuals has increased to 1GB.
The understanding session can be secured with a password, with all of them secured.
An opportunity to hide the contact envelope assigned to us from our competent contacts.
Contains a user introduction component to simplify a few feature alternatives.
Just like performing the latest WhatsApp APK MOD, you will not be able to find Fouad Miqdad WhatsApp in the main, authenticated and official Google Play store because it is inconsistent with large-scale systems of the net because it relies on the government origin code for the basic, authenticated and official application. However, this does not indicate that it is a serious cost. Additionally, the software optimizer appears to be set up to avoid criminalization at the hands of the basic, authenticated and official messaging style. WhatsApp Penguin

Steps to transfer chats

To begin with, you simply have to backup all your chats from the official WhatsApp application.

From the first of that step we will mention how to make a backup, the first step after opening the official WhatsApp application you have to open the settings for the application, you will find the settings at the top right of the screen there is a three-point mark when you click on it, a menu will appear for you to choose from which settings.

After entering the settings, you will see many options, you have to choose the chat settings, by clicking on the chat settings, other options appear for you, including the backup option, click on it.

After clicking on the backup option, the application will ask you to enter the email of the Google drive that you own so that it will copy all the chats to it.

By copying the chat, you can retrieve all your chats from Google drive at any time for any application similar to the official WhatsApp application and not only to WhatsApp Plus, but you will definitely not find better than the WhatsApp Plus application.

After completing the backup process, which may take some time, you can enter the site and start downloading the WhatsApp Plus application and then installing it on the phone.

After installing the application on the phone and after entering the application, some security terms and rules will appear for you. You must agree to them so that the application allows you to use it and go through the next step.

The next step is the step of entering the phone number that you will use in the WhatsApp Plus application, and you have to enter the code for your country, for example +02 for Egyptian phone numbers.

After registering your phone number, the application will send a text message to the phone number you entered; This message is private and it is a confirmation code and that code changes every time you want to confirm the phone number, and you cannot experiment with random numbers because that slows down the time for confirming the phone number and does not work, the application will only accept the code for the text message that he sent you Just.

After confirming your phone number with the code that you received; A message about the backup appears, if you have made a backup, you have to do a few e-mails to the Google drive that you copied with just a while ago, and now the WhatsApp Plus application begins to download messages and chats and all the chats contain pictures, videos, audio clips, and documents This process may take some time depending on the size of the media present and the amount of messages in your chats.

After copying, you can now quickly browse chats, you will be sure that all messages and media are present and nothing has been deleted, that was the problem that users hesitate to download the WhatsApp Plus application; You can now download and install it without fear or hesitation about anything in order to enjoy all the add-ons and features included in it. Whatsapp Penguin

For that production endeavor, you only need to save the APK file from Malavida or install it immediately from its officially recognized website, while verifying that you have enabled the option to install applications from unknown originals in your settings on your device. This is the standard process for downloading and installing applications, games, and gadgets that cannot be found on Google Play.

What's new in the latest production
updates for critical version 2.19.230.
Implement the option to add contacts by scanning bar templates.
The opportunity to use stickers and emojis on pictures.
Maintenance of a large number of errors.
Additional information and demands:
Installing the app via the APK file lacks the activation of the "Unknown Creators" option under Designs> Applications.

FM WhatsApp APK Download official version (v8.26)

FMWhatsApp (v8.26)

Download FMWA APK (52.1 MB)

People also download the Soula WA Lite (6.1)

Download Soula WA APK (28.3 MB)

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DeveloperFouad Mods
App Size52 MB
App TypeWhatsApp MOD

Download the latest WhatsApp Fouad update version of FOUAD WHATSAPP V8.26 against the ban


The WhatsApp application comes in two versions, an official copy and a copy to run a second number on the same device. It is constantly based on the latest version of WhatsApp, and has many features, including:

Save a file Alsturi anyone

hide renew the appearance and health blue hide you saw the story of any individual, and all options of preference

shop theme contains more than 1250+ Theme

possibility to change the VSAT to VSAT Facebook or Twitter or other ...

put a dam on Alwatsab or conversation specific

possibility of sending Any file type (zip, rar, apk, exe, etc ..) the

possibility of sending 100 images at once + an option to send images with high accuracy The

possibility of sending a registered number to an unsaved number

and many many others.

Fouad WhatsApp carries all the advantages of WhatsApp Plus and Blue, and more

works on all Android devices. In addition to planning dialogue and many more advantages!

What's new in Fouad WhatsApp version: Fouad WhatsApp V11.5

Important note, if your account has been banned before, you must:

• [Base update] 2.19.230
• [New] WhatsApp settings with a modern design, more tidy, and easier to use
• [New] Preview the color conversion instantly from the settings!
• [Addition] and the flight landing ✈️ (to stop receiving WhatsApp correspondence!)
• [Add] the correspondence of the hidden negotiation attempt will not appear as unread correspondence in the WhatsApp domain
• [ Addition ] The hidden negotiation attempt will not appear on the " Resend " page for the high credit.
Its appearance can be reactivated from the hidden negotiation attempt settings
• [Add] an option to delete unintended WhatsApp backup documents
• [Repair] Increase of fixes and revisions!
• [More] A lot of other things, and I don't remember what: p
• [More] Have fun and discover what's new on your own!
In addition to past features

• [Exclusively] A copy in the face of the prohibition
1- Take a backup copy
2- Delete the missed version of WhatsApp from your device
3- Reinstall the fouad whatsapp V8.28 version and define the number.
• [Repair] Telegram, the absence of a place
• [Repair] Problems attaching a voice telegram to a limited number of devices
• [Repair] Problem of not being able to add stickers
• [Repair] not showing the mark when deleting a telegram
• [Repair] icons not appearing in the call screen In a limited number of themes
• [Fix] Play Store Telegram when clarifying the number concept

How to update FMWA to the latest version

If you do not update FMWhatsApp properly, your data will be lost. It happens with many of our users.

Many have complained about this Whatsapp data loss at the time of updating to the latest version.

So, here we have the ease and right to update FMWA without losing any chat history or other data. You just need to follow the procedure below.

Step 1: Download FMWA Latest APK Version from HackTricks.

Step 2: Open FMWhatsApp, Go to Menu >> Fouad Mods.

Step 3: You will see the settings menu there. Click on "Other Mods". On the next page, click "Backup WhatsApp Data" (5.0.7). FMWA data backup will be completed in a few seconds (it all depends on the size of the backup).

fmwhatsapp Download WhatsApp Fouad Anti-ban Latest version FMWhatsapp V11.5 Download WhatsApp Fouad Plus

Step 4: Now, it is time to uninstall FMWhatsApp. So, uninstall it.

Step 5: Next, go to the download folder on your mobile phone, and search for the latest FMWA apk you downloaded. Install it.

Step 6: After installing, open the app. Now, tap on the "Restore" button. (Most important to recover)

fmwhatsapp Download WhatsApp Fouad Anti-ban Latest version FMWhatsapp V11.5 Download WhatsApp Fouad Plus

This is. The chat backup will be restored within minutes. It depends on the size of the backup.

So, now you have successfully updated FM Whatsapp version without losing any data (chats).

Main features of FM WhatsApp APK

This MOD Apk has a lot of interesting features from official WhatsApp. So, here we have a list of the best FM WhatsApp features . Check this before downloading or updating this WhatsApp mod.

fmwhatsapp Download WhatsApp Fouad Anti-ban Latest version FMWhatsapp V11.5 Download WhatsApp Fouad Plus

Download fmwhatsapp 2

Feature and development theme
works on sound, audio and video Request attendees with up-to-date user introduction Hide
option "Latest Insight"
Show "Connected / Latest Insight" on main screen
Articles Shop with 100+ types of fill
Select from over thirty approaches of splitting signals and bubbles
No need To fill in to preview methods,
send a video clip quantity of 1 GB (instead of 32 MB)
Add up to 250 characters in your envelope field
Click and copy staus any one
Convert app launcher and notifications
templates Large emoticons, Ban guide and more!

How to switch to FMWhatsApp without losing chat history

Moving from basic, authenticated and official WhatsApp to download fmwhatsapp 2 is not very problematic. However, people often perceive this as a daunting trend, and they may lose their old conversations. Therefore, they do not wish to migrate from the officially recognized WhatsApp. In the sequel, they lose all the fun of FMWhatsApp. However, let me tell you that it is very modest to exclude from other WhatsApp versions to FMWhatsApp. I'll guide you through a few simple steps so that you can move to FMWhatsApp without even losing the rich conversation index. So, let's start with the banishment process.

1. Before starting, firstly, you should go to WhatsApp and chat backup from Settings > Chats > Chat Backup .

2. This will create a backup of your current chat history on google drive as well as local mobile memory.

3. Now let's turn it off and install FMWA. For a detailed installation guide, you can check the above section until the installation is complete.

4. After the installation is completed successfully, you need to open the application and click " Agree and Continue ".

fmwhatsapp Download WhatsApp Fouad Anti-ban Latest version FMWhatsapp V11.5 Download WhatsApp Fouad Plus

5. Now on the next screen, before proceeding with the mobile phone number verification, you need to click on " Copy WhatsApp data ".

fmwhatsapp Download WhatsApp Fouad Anti-ban Latest version FMWhatsapp V11.5 Download WhatsApp Fouad Plus

6. This will copy the previous backup data we created to FMWhatsApp.

7. After that, you can verify your mobile phone number.

8. After verification is completed, you can find all old chats inside fmwhatsapp 2021 inbox .

So by following these few steps, you can quickly move to fmwhatsapp uptodown without losing your old chats.

Frequently asked questions regarding FM WhatsApp

Do I need portable root to use FMWhatsApp?

No, FMWhatsApp does not need root. You can use it like any other app. Just install it and start using.

Can I use FMWA with WhatsApp?

Yes, you can use FMWA as dual WhatsApp with official WhatsApp without any problem. Because fm whatsapp 2021 comes with different package name, so it won't replace normal WhatsApp groups WhatsApp .

WhatsApp VS FMWhatsApp, which is better?

Of course, fmwhatsapp 2020 for complementary features. There is no doubt about that. Because it comes with a lot of features that don't even stay on simple WhatsApp. In addition to this, you can also acquire other default features of FMWhatsApp WhatsApp.

Is FMWhatsApp Safe?

Yes, WhatsApp FM is 100% safe. You will not be banned, and there is absolutely no privacy issue. It's the same as the official app with a lot of enhanced and modified features.

Finish lines

I did my best to provide latest FMWhatsApp APK details. Read all key features and the latest production notes. Find 2020 production file save link and get the Mod implementation. Enjoy downloading to your Android device. Explore and enjoy all the updated features. I hope, you liked that post on WhatsApp FM groups . He kept visiting to acquire the next renewal. Comment below to get any help

loading zone

With the feature of changing visas: 47 MB
without the feature of changing visas :: 30 MB

Fouad WhatsApp
package: com.whatsapp

• Does not support: Samsung S5-6-7-8, Note4-5-7
• Official alternative

with the feature to change facebook

  • Download - Link 1
    Download - Link 2

Package: com.fmwhatsapp

• Supports: Samsung S5-S6-S7-S8, Note4-5-7
• To run a second number with the change facebook


  • Download - Link 1
    Download - Link 2

FMWhatsApp 2 - GBWhatsApp
Package: com.gbwhatsapp

• Supports: Samsung S5-S6-S7-S8, Note4-5-7
• To operate a third number

with the feature of changing Facebook

Download FMWhatsApp APK Latest Version 2021

FMWhatsApp APK Download (52 MB)

Amazing Features Of FM WhatsApp (11.5)

Why accept much less if you can get greater. With the growing demand for brand new features and privateness-associated tweaks, users have a tendency to use 0.33-birthday celebration variations of WhatsApp as opposed to the unique model. it's miles usually said that a changed app is always better than the original one. that is due to the functions it presents which are not gift inside the normal app. And that’s why we have referred to right here some of the most highlighted functions of FM Whatsapp. i am sure that in case you go through most of these functions, you might genuinely give a try to the FMWhatsapp Apk.

Privacy Features OfFM WhatsApp

Freeze your last scene:

we're continually in worry approximately our closing seen and from time to time we truely don't want others to sneak into our ultimate visible of WhatsApp. officially, the original model presents you with the capacity that you can flip off your remaining visible on WhatsApp, but as a opposite, you may not be about to look other humans's ultimate visible on Whatsapp too. Now, you may ask what's so unique in FM Whatsapp? nicely, FMWhatsapp will let you see other people's closing seen at the same time as others may not be capable of see when you were on WhatsApp ultimate time. To permit this feature, click on at the 3 dots on the top right nook of FM WhatsApp, faucet on Fouad mods> privateness> click on on freeze last visible.

Hide view status in FMWhatsApp:

This again turns out to be an essential function related to FM Whatsapp. most customers decide upon a 3rd-party version due to the improved capabilities it offers concerning their privateness. With the assist of this selection, people who've published memories on their repute might not be capable of know that you are viewing their repute. In different phrases, allowing this feature will will let you cross stealth and watch other humans's tales posted on their popularity segment with out permitting them to recognise.

Show blue ticks after Reply:

you may locate this option of FMWhatsapp extraordinarily crucial because it helps you to go absolutely stealth with out even letting your pals which you are on line and analyzing their messages but no longer replying them. many times we get hold of messages, we study them but due to some purpose, we can't be able to respond to them. not replying to your buddies could become a trouble. So, what is the solution for that? FM WhatsApp gives a characteristic to get you out of this trouble. With the assist of FM WhatsApp, the sender will simplest see blue ticks while you respond to them and no longer with the aid of only viewing the message. this selection is probably very crucial for the folks who are usually busy and do not have time to reply right now.

Hide delivered and blueTick:

WhatsApp customers we're waiting for this option from so long, however the respectable builders couldn't be capable of add this option due to some motive. because the call shows, whilst you receive any message, the sender may not be capable of know whether the message has been brought to you or not. this applies to the blue ticks too. The sender might not understand whether you have got seen the message or now not. only a unmarried tick will appear in his APP. however, you may be able to read his messages without letting him now. Such an great function it is, is not it? download FM WhatsApp now and test out all those features.

Hide typing and recording action text:

Have a study this lately added characteristic. The call suggests it all- so you do not want to let others understand what you're doing whilst you're online and communique goes on? activate this option, it's going to now not display the individual you are talking to which you are typing or recording a voice message. privacy in its pleasant form, download FMWhatsApp now and revel in those thrilling features.

Go Stealth With These Awesome FM WhatsApp Features

Message a number without saving any contact:

FM Whatsapp helps you to directly ship a textual content message, voice or maybe a video name to any character with out really saving his/her wide variety. this selection comes accessible while we simply need to send a one-time text message to a person’s and doesn’t need his/her quantity to shop on our telephone. clearly, click on on 3 dots on the pinnacle right nook and click on ‘message more than a few’ and absolutely input the range and directly send messages and start a communication.

Disable forwarded tag on messages:

whenever we forward any message to someone or to any organization, there might be a tag that asserts ‘forwarded'. This every now and then may be worrying as the message we're sending to others would possibly seem dubious and originality of message messes up. but, with the help of FM Whatsapp, we are able to forward any messages without letting others know that the messages despatched to them are forwarded oftentimes before reaching them. to apply this option visit Fouad Mods> privateness > Disable forwarded message tag.

Select the contacts who may able to call you:

There are a few instances whilst we obtain calls from the contacts we don’t need to preserve in touch with them. Or there are a few those who aggravate us by using calling WhatsApp rather than calling without delay through the cellular network. within the legitimate model, we are able to’t block the incoming calls coming from contacts we don’t want, the best way there is to simply block them. blockading doesn’t make sense as they may not be capable of chat with you, however with the modern-day model of FM Whatsapp, you could select the people from your contact listing who may additionally in a position to name you on Whatsapp.

Anti-Delete status:

Anti delete repute is once more one of the best functions to be had in the FMWhatsapp. If a person posts a story at the repute phase and deletes the story after it's far posted, the story may be deleted and no person can watch it. but here with the help of FM Whatsapp, you may get an unfair gain. In other phrases, you may be able to see other human beings's memories even when they delete it. this option would possibly appearance simple, however it has it's very own plus factor providing you with the final get right of entry to to observe tales published on status at the same time as no person might be in a position to observe them.

Anti-Delete messages:

Like anti delete status function, FM Whatsapp also comes with the anti delete message feature. What this feature does is to offer you the capability to read the messages that are deleted through the sender. within the legit version of WhatsApp, if the sender after sending a message deletes the message, it will seem for the receiver as ‘this message become deleted' and for that reason he won't be capable of recognise what sender had despatched the message. This problem doesn't exist in FM Whatsapp, builders have added a function in which you can see those messages which were deleted via the sender. this feature offers you the top hand at some instances, many of such features are being brought in the FM Whatsapp, so stay tuned for more interesting matters.


Bored of the identical cliche WhatsApp green subject matter? want to attempt some thing new? customize the Whatsapp interface with heaps of themes. that is the maximum wanted and awaited feature of FM Whatsapp which makes it stand other than the authentic model. FM Whatsapp comes with lots of various themes, it carries a group of over one hundred issues and much extra coming. pick any one of them that fits you. strive something new every day, download FM Whatsapp now and experience these incredible features, and you recognize the nice issue? No want to spend a single penny, it's all free.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About FM Whatsapp

What is the difference between WhatsApp and FM Whatsapp?

both the applications, be it the unique model or the modded one, are intended for communicating with own family and friends. text messages sending snap shots, videos and lots extra may be accomplished on both the application. The difference is the capabilities they incorporate. FM Whatsapp is a third birthday celebration modded version of the WhatsApp. The modded APP serves higher functions evaluate to the original one. if you sincerely want more capabilities, down load the state-of-the-art model of FM WhatsApp from our site.

What's FM Whatsapp? Is it any good?

As we have discussed earlier in the article, FM Whatsapp is the modified version, which means it comes with some of the most asked features that were not present in the original version. Features related to security, privacy, and ease of access are added by the developers to make the user experience better than the official version.

FMWhatsapp download mwhatsapp apk fmwhatsapp 2 fmwhatsapp 2021

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