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WhatsApp Omar Blue version number 27 of Whatsapp Omar Add the option to quickly access chats (allows you to access any conversation without returning to the main interface). 6- Add the text detonation option (send any number of messages).

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Download WhatsApp Blue Omar against the ban OB3WhatsApp for free

Features of WhatsApp Omar Blue version No. 27 of WhatsApp Omar

1- The copy became valid for a period of more than five months from the date of its publication.

2- Activate the night mode.

3- Add the option to put transparency.

4- Add a VPN proxy.

5- Add the option for quick access to chats (allows you to access any conversation without returning to the main interface)

6- Add the option to blow up the text (send any number of messages).

7- Add a fancy text option (text decoration).

8- Add the option for quick emotional texts.

To download the latest version WhatsApp application and against the ban

http://eng-omar.net/OB2WhatsApp/ To download the Omar Al-Wardi WhatsApp application via the following link

http://eng-omar.net/OBWhatsApp/ And to download the WhatsApp Omar Al-Annabi program, you can do so via the following link:

Download WhatsApp Blue Omar against the ban OB3WhatsApp for free
Whatsapp Omar

Whatsapp Omar

9- Improved option to activate statuses like Instagram statuses.

10- Adding a new version of OB4WhatsApp with the official green theme.

11- Add the option Falling Effects again.

12- Adding new shapes to Falling Effects.

13- Add the effects option when chats go up and down.

14- Reactivate the author to show you who did the work in the group.

15- The ability to view your messages or messages from any member of the group separately.

16- Activate the option of who can add me to groups.

17- The ability to activate or disable the word Read more in long messages.

18- Add the automatic response option again.

19- Option to add again to schedule messages.

20- Add an option to avoid sliding from left to right between chat, status and calls.

21- Add an option to delete or restore the chat by swiping left or right.

22- The ability to delete messages from everyone, even if a long time has passed.

23- More debris cleaning options have been added.

24- Add more color control options.

25- Add more notification options.

26- Improvements in launch speed and performance.

WhatsApp features the age of version 25

1- The life of the copy has been extended

2- The copy is now valid for 4 months from the date of its publication.

3- The version has become more stable

The advantages of this version number 24:

1- A safer version against the prohibition.

2- It works for more than 3 months from the date of its publication.

3- Re-enable the option to translate texts into several languages.

4- A new look for Omar Extra.

5- Increase the transfer of messages to an unlimited number.

7- Now you can install more than 1000 chats.

8- Solve the problem of downloading themes.

9- Resolves the problem of message delay in some devices.

10- Other corrections, additions and improvements.

Previous version features:

1- A copy of the ban.

2- Adding new visas.

3- Market version update 2.19.17.

4- Add the option of multiple chats again.

5- Solve the problem of sending and receiving heavy and slow messages.

6- Add the option to show my name, status and number instead of the word WhatsApp.

7- Needs and improvements in the money function of the interface.

8- Solve by adding stickers from Google Play.

9- Improving the animation effects function and adding new shapes and features.

10- Resolve not to hide the auto text icon.

11- Correct the mandatory comment when more than one person is selected in the list of automatic replies and scheduled messages.

12- Corrected language change option in Oreo and higher version.

13- Fix the appearance of the sent messages window after pressing Show more in group information.

14- Add the status application within WhatsApp.

15- If you select a message sent in the group, you can reply to the sender individually.

16 - Fix crashes when trying to search for topics.

17- Other reforms.

Whatsapp Omar


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