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What is WhatsApp Gold? From time to time, WhatsApp users are forced to see many messages inviting them to install the so-called WhatsApp Gold, according to this message (there is a premium version of the WhatsApp application used by major

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Download WhatsApp Gold uptodown latest version | Golden WhatsApp against the ban and hacker

What is WhatsApp Gold?

From time to time, WhatsApp users are forced to see many messages inviting them to install the so-called WhatsApp Gold, according to this message (there is a premium version of the WhatsApp application used by major celebrities), and the message also indicates that the update will give WhatsApp Golden many features , Let me be straightforward when I say that for some reason, there are many people who keep falling into this kind of golden WhatsApp message

WhatsApp Gold uptodown

There is no secret version of the WhatsApp Gold application, and there is no message or link stating that there is a different version or version of the application, whether it is gold, blue, pink, or any other color, it is a scam, and these messages usually come with clickable links. So you can get another copy of the application, thinking that this version is a different version of the official application, it will update it, but in fact these links usually install malicious files on your phone and are known as (Malwares), which may contain malware programs Represented by data theft and ransomware programs, which you should always be careful to avoid, so always avoid installing WhatsApp Gold or any other application modified by these WhatsApp Penguin messages.

* A new update for all versions of BTWhatsApp, the latest version, with great features, attractive shape and giant additions

Whatsapp golden penguin

Download WhatsApp Gold

* [Feature] * Forward message to more than 5 people.

* [Advantage] * Prevent anyone from adding you to Groups {Settings / Account / Privacy / Groups}.

* [Feature] * Show statuses via chats such as Instagram to enable (Penguin Extensions / Home Screen / Top Bar).

* [Feature] * Open each chat card to enable (WhatsApp Penguin Addons / More Settings).

* [Addition] * Function to switch between ten accounts and ten numbers within "whatsapp gold" and switch between them easily.

* [Addition] * Explanation of work to change 10 accounts.

* [ADD] * Alkasir VPN Proxy function for countries whose WhatsApp access is blocked You can activate the VPN and communicate easily.

* [Addition] * WhatsApp drop effects function (hearts, bubbles, lights, leaves, snow, roses, rain, balls)) (to activate and add plug-ins and penguin group effects).

* [Addition] * Full screen for long messages without a word Read more.

* [Add] * Element to clear WhatsApp junk as it was in the previous figure and add all the previous design elements. Gold watts

Download WhatsApp Gold 2021

What might push some people to use WhatsApp Golden Penguin?

In its early days, the main factor that pushed people to install this application was its custom look, and it was not the first of its kind among applications that allow users to change colors and define the appearances and shapes of the WhatsApp application; There was another app called Blue WhatsApp Plus, recently many Blue WhatsApp users were blocked by the official version of the app; This prompted many other users to move away from these types of apps and be careful not to use any unofficial version of WhatsApp, except that WhatsApp Gold came to address this problem because it was a reason to bridge the gap. That arose after departure. WhatsApp Blue users for its multiple functions which we will mention ... WhatsApp Mix

WhatsApp Gold Features:

• With WhatsApp Gold, you can operate two numbers on one device. This is something that a lot of people need, especially those with a work account linked to the personal account, which is a feature a lot of people look for.

• You can choose from about 50 different fonts with the ability to lock the application itself with a password of your choice, in addition to changing the WhatsApp icon as you wish.

• The application does not contain annoying ads and is characterized by a high degree of safety, which is why many consider it a completely safe application, unlike what some rumors revolve around about the application’s insecurity or exposing the privacy and data of the application. The user for any kind of danger (according to the official website of the developers) fm whatsapp.

Whatsapp golden penguin• With WhatsApp, Golden Penguin, you can have a group chat by voice or video, unlike normal WhatsApp that does not have this option.

• The application contains a lot of cool emojis that were not present in it

Security when downloading Golden Penguin WhatsApp:
Before knowing the degree of security in this application, you must first know the mechanism for providing all these features mentioned above to know whether they are safe or not, as the application is a modified version of the original WhatsApp application; That is, it depends on its features for the original application, but through additional codes as mentioned earlier, the official WhatsApp has blocked WhatsApp Plus users.

Why all these advantages?

What happens through the application is nothing more than a modification of the clear icons, which gives it many unique features that did not exist before, but how is this done? The developers are deceiving the WhatsApp server by modifying some rules for storing them on your phone by modifying the codes; For example, the rule that controls the number of images sent through the official app is 30 images that are changed to 90 images via WhatsApp Gold, so the official application server will not be able to determine what happened because this information does not reach the ns whatsapp server.

Now is downloading WhatsApp Gold completely safe?

Many people may think that the WhatsApp Gold Download application puts your data at risk or makes you vulnerable to hacking, but this is unfounded according to the developers' narration. If you know the mechanism by which the app works, you will know exactly what I'm talking about, because the app is encrypted enough to give you complete security.

Download WhatsApp Gold

If you ask: Does WhatsApp Goldstone violate the standards and values ​​of the official WhatsApp application, we will simply answer you: No; The fact that users of this app are not banned by the official app is the biggest proof of this, but if you change the wording of the question and ask it: Is WhatsApp Gold Downloader completely safe? Answer: We cannot say with certainty that it is completely safe. Like most free mod apps, every good thing has a downside or a downside, as we say, despite all of these features, you cannot be sure which code the developers make. For example, there may be a code that allows spying on your phone by granting the app's storage, contacts and microphone permissions, and if you are already doing so using the official WhatsApp application, but the difference between both apps is that the official version of the app has strict policies on security and privacy. the user. It is a famous brand that distances itself from any dispute or judicial dispute, because this matter has its consequences, because for WhatsApp Gold apk, it can spy on you without you noticing and you will not have any rights after that, so you must always know what to use WhatsApp Gold He has a percentage. Risky on your WhatsApp Aero

whatsapp uptodown

Can I download WhatsApp for free?

Currently we can, yes, you can download WhatsApp Gold for free, as well as the latest version in addition to the new WhatsApp, but we do not know what will change in the future, not even after a day or an hour, because we do not know what WhatsApp will change its policy, due to the constant updates and amendments to the usage agreement And we haven't gone far in the recent past in previous years, specifically eleven years ago, if you want to use WhatsApp, you have to pay. And if you saw the use of "WhatsApp Gold" at the beginning of its creation 11 years ago in 2009, you will remember that, because using WhatsApp was free for only one year, from registering to it, and after that, you have to pay for the use in addition to having offers Provided by WhatsApp. If you want to use WhatsApp for an entire year, you have to pay a fee of 99 cents, and we are used to defrauding the company by making some sacrifices to use WhatsApp for free GBWhatsApp

Download WhatsApp Gold

And evading payment fees for use, for example, we delete the account and delete the account permanently means deleting the chat and we cannot make a backup if we make a backup copy of the conversations and delete the account and return the conversations and find out and close the account. Once this relationship lasted for nearly 5 years, let's remember the exact date, during the reign of American Brian Acton, founder of WhatsApp and CEO of WhatsApp and Ukrainian company Jan Kum. WhatsApp ended up using WhatsApp for almost free in 2014 after the "WhatsApp Gold apk" and Facebook party, between WhatsApp founder Brian Acton and Facebook Mark founder, as Facebook acquired and purchased WhatsApp from their site. Founder with an estimated settlement of nineteen billion US dollars (19,000,000,000 US dollars) to use WhatsApp to download and install completely free, WhatsApp has become a group of companies. Facebook is affiliated with Mark Zuckerberg, owner and founder of the most popular social network Facebook WhatsApp Gold, uptodown.

WhatsApp Gold is updated

I think Brian Acton will not sell WhatsApp to Mark after the fame and success he has achieved, especially after WhatsApp Plus reached more than 5 billion downloads from all over the world by 2021, it has gained 500 million new users in the past two years, based on store statistics. Google Play alone, not to mention it. Other stores and other sources and about the iOS version in the app store, you can download it. Play Store considered to be the most downloaded and popular app for "whatsapp gold" instant messaging app. Mark had a well thought out forward-looking perspective, so I was sure he was considering the dimensions of the deal and what the company could do. For that huge amount and its effects on other instant messaging apps and mobile apps in general, Facebook will make at least $ 19 billion at that time, especially two years before Facebook's acquisition of WhatsApp. , Instagram acquired photo sharing with a deal worth US $ 1 billion (1,000,000,000). Really, I think I wish I hadn't made a deal.

Update WhatsApp Gold

You can download and update WhatsApp Gold mosa the latest update 2021 through the download link at the bottom, WhatsApp Gold Ab to Dawn from the developer Abu Arab, which stopped at the latest version 8.20, which has great functions and features that will not need updating, so the WhatsApp Gold version contains it. A feature that allows you to use WhatsApp without the forced update, even if there is an update available for it, you can be satisfied with it, so why did not release an update after 8.20 because the developer of WhatsApp Gold stopped issuing a version like what he indicated on his website in a hanging banner that you will find suspended at Your entry into its official website that said (ending WhatsApp Gold End of life WA Gold

The latest golden WhatsApp application

Download WhatsApp Gold:

Download WhatsApp Gold Anti Ban Latest Free Version Without Ads, You can download Whatsapp Plus Modified 6.55 version from APK website with direct link. Now with the WhatsApp Gold version of Abu Arab, you can prevent videos and photos from appearing in the studio by entering the conversation, then clicking on the person’s picture, then selecting Media View, and you can also do that directly from the new WhatsApp settings.

WhatsApp Gold 2021

Features of downloading the latest version of WhatsApp Gold 2021 application:
Auto reply is available after WhatsApp Gold has been downloaded
Delete or restore messages.
Hide conversations.
The version is as in version 327.18.2 of the Store Edition.
You can add stickers to WhatsApp through our website's marketplace applications.
Add new fonts that you can use.
New colored icons added
You can pin 30 chats to the home screen.
You can disable the opening of hidden conversations after pressing the word Whatsapp through Option # 21.6
You can sort messages by oldest and newest after viewing someone's messages in the group.
Add a confirmation when calling someone in the group.
Fixed stop responding error.

Download WhatsApp Gold APK 2021

You can download whatsapp gold apk on your Android device with latest version easily and directly by clicking the download button on our website.

What's new in this WhatsApp 2021 Gold download
Static media does not appear in chats.
Add 5 new WhatsApp passwords.
The status is automatically greater than 30 seconds.
Solve the problem of program crashes when switching.
You can make a conference call with group members.
Fix other WhatsApp problems, Omar Badeeb Al-Annabi.

Download WhatsApp Gold Against Ban

You can easily download Gold WhatsApp on your phone because it works on Windows, Android and iPhone operating systems, so it will be integrated with many different types of phones, and you can also enjoy all the features and advantages that Golden WhatsApp is interested in developing. For all users who want more features and benefits. You can easily download WhatsApp Gold from our website to enjoy this unique experience.

How to get rid of WhatsApp crash issue?

Many WhatsApp users suffer from the blocking problem practiced by the original WhatsApp company, which prevents all users from using non-original copies of WhatsApp, by blocking the user for a certain number of hours, and therefore they cannot use the WhatsApp program at this specific time, but it can That "WhatsApp Gold apk" gets rid of the ban problem permanently, as you can use WhatsApp Gold without banning by: -

Download WhatsApp Gold from top to bottom

You have to make a backup copy of whatsapp on your phone.
Delete WhatsApp on the phone.
Download WhatsApp Gold and enjoy the best experience.
The importance of properly updating WhatsApp Gold
All WhatsApp Gold users must pay attention to the process of updating new versions, so that they can enjoy everything new and prevent the program from being banned, and the update process must be followed with the correct steps: -
Make sure to backup all conversations to “Download WhatsApp Gold apk” so that you can restore them again.
Download the latest version of whatsapp golden apk with ease through our page.
After the download, you need to install the program on the phone, open the program and press Restore Backup, so that you get all the old conversations.
You have to take care of the backup process of all conversations, whether the program is blocked or not, to save and restore them at any time.

Download WhatsApp Gold 2021

Download the Golden Penguin WhatsApp application from the developer Taha Al-Qudsi from the official website. Press here

Whatsapp Gold

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