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Cute Cut Pro Download Cute Cut Pro for iPhone and iPad without jailbreak. Download a video editing and montage application. Download Cute Cut Pro for free, Create professional video and add music to the video

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Download Cute Cut Pro for free, Cute Cut Pro, a professional video production

Download Cute Cut Pro for professional video editing, for free, without jailbreak

Cute Cut Pro is a popular app among iPhone users due to its powerful features that some specialized software doesn't provide on computers. The main function of the program focuses on the process of editing and professionally editing video clips with additional distinct capabilities. Available for many different platforms and operating systems.

Do you want to know the "Cute Cut Pro" application? In this article, we will explain in detail all the information related to the application so that we will make a complete review starting from the download method until explaining the way to use the application professionally.

Cute Cut Pro 2020 for professional video production

Cute Cut Pro is one of the programs for editing the video and producing a distinctive video, in addition to that, Cute Cut Pro is a program that has many features that any person needs in producing a video or a group of videos and images professionally and the watermark does not appear in the produced videos. " Cute Cat Pro " program to cut and paste video and add attractive effects to clips, follow us and get the link to download Cute Cut Pro for iPhone, Android and Mac from here.

Download Cute Cut Pro for free, Create professional video and add music to the video

What is Cute Cut Pro?

Program Kyot Cut Pro is one of the applications that provide you edit clips feature video and modify them as you can create a full video clips from scratch through the tools provided Cute Cut Pro software that includes these tools , all you will need and more so you can add a collection of photos To make one video and merge sounds on these images so that it becomes a complete video with sounds in the background. You can add texts and adjust the contrast and brightness of each layer of the video. You can also change the sizes of each layer, rotate different elements and cut part of the video or change the transparency and many tasks and features Others, which we will explain in more detail in the next paragraph.

Link to download Cute Cut Pro for iPhone, to download the cute cut pro program

Cute Cut Pro

Download the cute cut pro program from the App Valley store

Download cute cut pro

Download Cute Cat Pro from the Twic Box store

Download Cute Cut Pro

Download Cute Cut Pro for Mac

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Download Cute Cut Pro for Android

cute cut pro for Android

What does the Cute Cut Pro app offer you?

  • Cut video clips: You can use Cute Cut Pro to cut videos to get clips in a shorter time for use, for example in WhatsApp cases. You can also cut different parts of different video clips and merge them together to get one long video clip and of course you can add some effects if you want that.
  • Editing video clips: You can make many adjustments to one or more video clips using this application so that you can modify the order of scenes in the video, for example, or add some scenes in a specific order, or edit a video by adding effects or text, or otherwise, in general these are considered Basic app functionality.
  • Add sound effects: You can add various kinds of sound effects with the videos through this application so that you can change the sound effects in any video and add different sounds as you wish, and you can also specify the pitch of the sound and the place of start and end to get an accurate and perfect result.
  • Making videos: With this application, you can create complete videos without the need for montage programs, as this application can help you if you have a YouTube channel and do not have a computer, so you can use Cute Cut Pro to edit the videos as you want and extract them in several different quality.

Support - Available versions of Cute Cut Pro for all devices

  • Cute Cut for Android : The application is available for all Android phones mainly through the official Play Store in two versions, the first is a free version of the regular version and the second is the paid or Pro version and the application works well on Android phones, but it needs powerful phones to a certain extent. What needs a lot of memory Because the size of the program on Android is more than 60MB, which is similar to the popular Viva video program on Android phones.
  • Cute Cut for iPhone Cute Cut For IOS: This is the most popular version of the application, as iPhone users accept to download Cute Cut Pro frequently because it is a light montage program and provides all the features the user needs with a very simple user experience, and the application is also available for iPhone phones in two versions The first is free with limited features and the second with more features, but it is paid.
  • Cute Cut for Mac:
The program that runs it and what is similar in the program, as the program offers relatively high quality in the tools and methods of dealing with the program. It received two stars out of five.

Usage - Explain how Cute Cut Pro works

  • Create a new project: If you want to create a new project, you must go to the main interface of the Cute Cut Pro application, where you will find the add sign at the top of the application on the left side, when you click on it, a blank box will appear for you to put a name for the project, and then click on Create to make the project work, In this case, you will get a completely blank project and you will have to add the appropriate layers for you.
  • List of projects: On the main interface you will find all the projects that you have worked on before and you can control these projects by pressing the Edit button, which you will find at the top of the application, the right direction, and the control includes deleting a project or repeating the annotated so that a second copy is made. The original version. Cute Cut Pro also enables you to synchronize your projects on iTunes so that you can upload and retrieve them at any time.
  • Project settings: In this part of the application you can control some basic settings for the video itself, where you can control the quality of the video or the project you are working on, and there are three options of different sizes suitable for everyone. You can also specify the direction of the video if it is a rectangle up or a width rectangle and you can also choose The default background color for the project and the number of frames per second, and finally you can activate the feature to automatically shrink the images to the size of the project.
  • Work environment: The use of the application is very simple and that resulted from the very excellent work environment in general everything in the work environment is very expected, if you want to add a new element to the project, you can click on the add sign in the timeline at the bottom of the application and the application allows you to add videos, images and texts Finally, you can add a layer of your own drawing, and to modify a specific layer, click on it twice and it will open up the layer adjustment settings.
  • Extracting the project: After completing your project in the way you want it is time to share it, you can share your projects or extract them from Cute Cut Pro via the share button at the top of the program next to the play button, and the application provides you with the ability to share your project directly in the video format in various ways as You can save it on your phone, send it to your e-mail directly, or upload it to YouTube or Facebook directly as well.
  • Add text: To add text to your project, click on the add sign at the bottom of the project, as we explained previously, a set of options will appear for you. Select text or text directly. A layer will be created and your phone keyboard will open to type the appropriate text and then press Done or Done and you can After changing the fonts, colors and sizes via the Layer Settings, if you want to know how to add fonts to Cute Cut Pro, follow the next paragraph.
  • Add media: To add media to the project, including media, photos and videos, you must press the add button that we previously explained, then choose a video or image, then select the appropriate element that you want to add and add it to the project. After adding the project, you can modify its duration and add some adjustments to colors such as brightness and contrast. Also change the size of the video or pictures and cut a part of them.
  • Modify layers: To modify any layer in the Cute Cut Pro application, click on it twice, and all settings for the layer that you have selected will appear. Make the adjustments that you deem appropriate and then click on the check mark until these modifications are saved. Modifying layers requires some skill. You gain it while using the program for some time.

Fonts - How to add and download fonts in Cute Cut Pro

You can add distinctive fonts for the Cute Cut Pro app for iPhone to get better designs with modern fonts, and the process of adding fonts is very simple. We will explain them to you in detail below with the steps, and we will explain them in the video explanation of the application. Here is how to download Cute Cut Pro fonts.

  • First - Go to any site that provides the advantage of downloading Arabic fonts. We recommend Arab Fonts.
  • Second - Choose the appropriate font and then press download, once the download is complete, it will appear to you that the font has been downloaded and there is an option to open it in the Cute Cut Pro application, click on it.
  • Third - Once you click on it, the font will be installed and you can use it without any problem.

Features - Why should you download Cute Cut Pro

  • Easy to use : One of the strong features of Cute Cut Pro for iPhone is that you will not need a long time to master all the features it offers you because it has a simple interface and a very expected method of use, and the application provides you with explanations in case you want to work professionally on the application. Cute Cut Pro
  • Systems support: The Cute Cut Pro application is available for multiple systems, as we explained previously, so that you can use it on Android, iPhone or iPad. It also supports various Mac devices such as iMac and MacBook Pro, and the application does not differ greatly between platforms so that you can move from one platform to another without worry Of any changes in the nature of use.
  • Fonts support: The strong feature of the application is that it supports external fonts so that you can install fonts according to your desire in the application, whether they are Arabic fonts or foreign fonts, and the method of adding fonts is very simple and will not require any experience from you.
  • Arabic language support: Cute Cut Pro fully supports the Arabic language in the interface and in the application itself so that you can write in Arabic without being reflected in the text or cut off, unlike most montage programs and editing images that do not support the Arabic language, such as Photoshop for Android , for example.
  • Multiple tools: The application provides you with a distinct set of different tools that can make you achieve anything you want to do in the application so that you can create professional videos only through this application.
  • Different qualities: The application provides different settings for the video so that you can choose the quality of the video that suits you, the size and sizes of the video to be suitable for the use you want it for, and of course this makes the results better, especially if you will publish it on the communication sites.

Disadvantages - shortcomings of Cute Cut Pro

  • Ads: This version of the application is the Pro version, but it is available for free because it is not official, so it displays some ads that may be annoying to some of you. If they are, turn off the Internet while you are working on the application.

Video - Explanation of downloading and using Cute Cut Pro and explaining how to add fonts

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