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Download ProCam 5 for iPhone, the ProCam program for free, without jailbreak. Pro Cam is a professional photography app for iPhone. Prokam for professional photography without jailbreak and direct link

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Free Download ProCam App for iPhone 5 for professional and accurate photography

Download the ProCam 5 app for iPhone for free without jailbreak

One of the most important things of interest to a smartphone user is the camera, as it is the most prominent feature in most phones and this explains the proliferation of photography applications that carry different filters and shapes that make images better. Full communication applications based on the camera such as Snapchat, for example, have appeared. For you today, one of the best applications for photography, editing and improving images on iPhone is the ProCam 5 application. In this topic, we will fully review the application in order to show you the advantages, disadvantages and method of full use.

Links to download ProCam 5 for iPhone for free

Procam download link for all versions of iPhone iOS 11 and below:

Download ProCam

ProCam 5 download link for a tested iOS 12 release:

Download ProCam

Or, you can download Prokam via Chinese stores such as:

The solution is very simple. Download the Chinese Panda Store

Download the Chinese Panda Store

Free Download ProCam 5 ProCam

The ProCam for iPhone app enables you to produce professional and high-quality videos, by adding effects and features open to you in the free ProCam app, ProCam is one of the most important photography software to preserve your copyright. ProCam 5 for iPhone is suitable for all iOS versions starting from iOS 9 - iOS 12 without any problem, follow the steps below to get it successfully.

Link to download an application for the iPhone 5 ProCam
Download ProCam 5 for Iphone

You cannot download ProCam for free from the Apple Store, as it is available on the father's store for 21 Saudi riyals, and through our website, iPhone Arab provides you with the ProCam download link through a group of the best Chinese stores, but we worked through our website Arab iPhone To successfully provide a working link you can get it here:

You can download BroCam here:

  • Prokam works on iOS9 or more.
  • The current version has been tried and works on the iOS 12 version efficiently and effectively, without any problem.

What is ProCam 5?

The Pro Cam program is a professional camera that you can use to obtain distinctive images, as the application provides you with all the settings and capabilities to customize the shooting mode, such as professional DSLR cameras, and this of course will require you some experience to be able to set the modes that fit the shot you want, but once you get acquainted On the capabilities of the application and knowing the function of each tool, you will be able to use it and benefit greatly from it, and you will notice the big difference between the images captured through it and the images from the regular camera, what the program provides you with a photo editor through which you can improve the position of the images by improving the contrast, placing the colors and many other things Prokam .

What does ProCam software for iPhone ProCam5 offer?

By downloading the ProCam5 application, you are getting a completely different camera for your phone, despite the great quality offered by iPhone cameras, but the experience of this camera is not comparable with any other camera; First of all, you get a full camera template for customization with modes that you specify, and of course you can shoot in different sizes and different screen dimensions as well, and the application also provides you with a dedicated night photography mode in addition to the fast and slow shooting modes In addition to all the above features, the program provides you with lines to clarify the appropriate place to photograph through the lines Regular guides, golden ratio lines, and of course, the application provides a built-in image editor, as we explained in the previous paragraph, in short, the program provides you with an integrated photography and editing tool.

What is the difference between the Pro Cam5 app and the regular camera app

If you are confused about using the regular camera provided by iPhone phones, which is of course great, and the dedicated camera provided by ProCam 5, this simple comparison will help you greatly in making this decision, here are the most important differences between the regular phone camera and the Pro camera CAM 5.

  • Basic phone camera : Most phones come with powerful cameras these days, but the camera application that comes pre-installed with the phone is pre-set in one mode that fits all photography modes, and this explains the quality of the camera that changes between one image and another, where sometimes you find camera pictures great at other times You find the image is very weak, and this is due to adjusting the camera settings to suit the scene you want to photograph, such as adjusting the lighting and contrast and many other things, in general the default camera application is intended for those who want to photograph directly without complications and without experience in setting up the camera, even with simple settings As for professional users, these are The camera is never suitable.
  • Camera Pro Cam : The application uses the same camera with your device, but it allows you to control the camera settings and thus get more professional and advanced shooting modes. For example, if you want to photograph a dark scene, you will find custom modes in the application and thus you get more bright pictures with details In general, this application is mainly intended for those looking for professional photos through the camera of their phone with little experience in shooting modes and how to capture distinctive images. All this supports the built-in photo editor in the application provided by the ProCam 5 application in a distinctive way with easy settings.

Problems you may encounter when downloading Procam for iPhone

First: the problem of loading the Panda Store

Through the links we have provided to you, you can download the Prokam according to the version of your device, but some users receive a message that says: “You must download the Panda store and open it only once” in order to be able to use the Prokam program without the program to quickly stop and exit it , As the following picture:

Download Panda Store so you can use Prokam

You can download Panda Store directly here without the hassle of searching, so you can use Prokam directly:

Download Panda Store

Second: the problem of trusting Brokam

Many users, after downloading the program, receive a message that the program needs to trust the developer certificate. The solution is very simple. You can go through Settings> General> Profiles and Device Management> Trust Prokam Certificate.

And because we have provided more than one download link, the certificate that Prokam downloads on your iPhone will differ.

If you succeeded in downloading the program, tell us through the comments below the article, and if you encounter another problem that is not mentioned, write it in detail below the comments with mentioning the version number of your iPhone, and it will continue.

Review the most important features offered by ProCam 5

  • The main screen : This is the main interface of the program, which contains all the features and characteristics that you will use such as turning on or off the flash or turning on HDR mode, as it will show you the settings for shooting modes, video and photo settings, as well as the brightness, contrast, aperture rate and much more. Which you can control with a right and left slider bar to change its value.
  • Imaging Modes : The ProCam 5 program provides you with many shooting modes, such as shooting normal photos, video shooting, slow shooting, fast shooting and slow capture, and with these distinct modes, the program provides you with different imaging sizes to suit different uses and also provides you with a traditional black guide that divides the screen into equal squares To improve the scene and capture a suitable photo, as well as a guide to shooting shots consistent with the golden ratio.
  • Image and video settings : From the Set button at the bottom of the application interface, you can customize the image settings, which you can customize and change with the values ​​that suit the results you want to obtain, as you will find many options that you can control and customize as you wish, and the same is for the video where you can modify the video shooting modes Customize it also in the same fashion as your normal shooting mode.

Review the photo editor in ProCam 5

After taking a picture, you may need to add some adjustments or some simple details to the image, and this is the task of the built-in image editor in ProCam 5, here are the most important features that the editor provides, the link to download ProCam .

  • Crop and Rotate : This feature allows you to adjust image sizes such as cropping it in different shapes and sizes suitable for social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter. This feature also allows you to rotate images at specific angles to improve the position of the image and this feature is useful if you take a picture with two slopes, you can prepare it I set it using this feature.
  • Brightness and Contrast : You can control the color, brightness of the image, contrast, white balance, color temperature, and many other things using this feature, as it allows you to customize everything that causes colors in various tools that enable you to finally reach the result you want, as well as provide a tool that processes the image Automatically to reach the best result.
  • Effects and Colors : Very similar to the effects feature in the Photoshop mobile application that we explained previously, as this feature provides you with a set of specially prepared color patterns to completely change the color tones of the image to other new colors and the application provides many filters that suit all uses, but unfortunately it does not allow The ProCam 5 application enables you to control the degree of the effect as in other applications such as Photoshop.
  • Lenses : The application allows you to choose a different set of lenses and apply them to the image you want to change the shape of the shot due to the large differences between the lenses that make the image differ greatly, so you can, for example, choose a fish-eye lens to get an image that looks wider or a blurred camera to blur a specific image And many other options that you will discover by yourself when you download and try ProCam 5.

Features of the ProCam application for iPhone 5

  • Possibilities : If you mastered the use of the Pro Cam 5 program for the iPhone, you will find in your hands amazing capabilities that are not provided by the most powerful cameras in competing phones, where you can get pictures with the quality of dedicated cameras after training a little on the features of the program and as the original phone camera was better, the result will be more wonderful, for example For example, the application will be better on the iPhone X than the iPhone 8 because the camera supports newer technologies.
  • Editor : The built-in editor with the ProCam 5 application will provide the missing link in most imaging programs, as the program now provides you with everything related to photography in a place, so you will not need to download more applications to modify your photos despite the presence of distinct photo editing applications that provide greater possibilities, if you Interested in this type of application, we have made a review of it in an article entitled The Best Photo Editing Software. We recommend that you review it.
  • Customization : Every tool or feature in the Pro Cam 5 application you can customize and adjust its position in the way that suits you as previously explained in the section of reviewing the application's properties, but you will feel this more when you master the use of the program and you find that you can adjust the position of the photography as if you were using a professional camera.
  • Compatibility : The application works distinctly with the internal hardware of the phone's camera and takes advantage of all the capabilities provided by the camera to obtain the best result due to the great compatibility between the application programming and the way the camera works. Greatly even on phones where the camera doesn't offer this feature.
  • Photography experience : The experience that this application will provide you with in normal shooting modes and video shooting modes you will not find like it except in very few applications on the store and of course it is completely different from the experience of photography on a regular phone camera thanks to the tools and capabilities that this application provides for you.

Shortcomings of the ProCam app for iPhone 5

  • Usage : The only weakness in this unique ProCam 5 application is the difficulty of use, which makes the application seem worthless when it is downloaded and used for the first time due to its weight so that you can feel the difference between your regular phone camera and this camera, you will need to change some settings in the application which need some experience We hope that simple explanations of the functions and functions of the application will be added in the application.
Prokam for professional photography without jailbreak and direct link procam5 Download procam5