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Download Luma Plus for iPhone. Free download of LumaFX for iPhone. Free download of LumaFX for iPhone. A thumbnail montage on your phone for a group of photos or videos.

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Free download the LumaFX application, the latest version for iPhone without jailbreak

Free download LumaFX app for iPhone without jailbreak

Now you can completely edit Feder with a simple application that you downloaded to your phone and we already talked about an application that does such a task on Android and Viva Video application and also talked about another application for iPhone, Cut Cut Pro goes undefined today, we have an application that does the same tasks but more Professionally, it is a paid application available on the App Store exclusively, but today we provide you with absolutely free and direct download links, on today's topic we will do a full review of LumaFX video editing program where we will explain the advantages and disadvantages and the way the program works and how to use in detail.

Download LumaFX for free

During the previous period of continuous stoppage in Chinese stores, this made it difficult to download LumaFX software for iPhone and iPad, as it is available in the father's store but paid, and from here we always promise to provide free links, we offer you Luma free, so you can download and benefit from it Because it is one of the most important programs used in designing video clips, you can use a wide range of effects available in the program to produce a more professional video, learn with us more advantages after the free download link from here:

Link to download the program LumaFX for iPhone
Download LumaFX Free

From here you can download LumaFX for free

Download LumaFX

Features in the LumaFX app for iPhone

Great world of influences:

  1. It gives you particularly powerful color correction tools so you can create the right look.
  2. There are a number of various style effects such as: blur, pixel effects, and distortion effects.
  3. It allows you unlimited keyframes to animate your effect or color in any frame.
  4. The possibility of adding slow and fast movement forward and vice versa.
  5. Calls all available video files at your fingertips.
  6. Easy to rotate and change with intuitive gestures.
  7. The ability to extract any image from the video.
  8. Share the resulting video via social media.
  9. It allows you to extract videos and photos from any media in your device with ease, such as: Camera Album, Dropbox, as shown in the picture in front of you:

    Get videos from all media

LumaFX program for iPhone is the latest version

After downloading Luma Plus for iPhone, the main screen of the program appears, explaining to you instructions how to use the LumaFX program and making videos easier, as shown in the picture in front of you:

Home screen after downloading LumaFX for iPhone

It also provides you with the settings that help you in producing a distinctive video, such as controlling the speed of the video display and many settings, as shown in the picture in front of you:

Settings to facilitate the use of LumaFX program

Disadvantages of LumaFX:

  • However, it is worth noting that LumaFX contains annoying ads.

What is LumaFX?

LumaFX or LumaFX as it is called by users of the application is one of the video editing and editing applications for the iPhone, where the application allows you to make a mini montage on your phone for a group of pictures or videos professionally and easily due to the good organization of the tools in the program interface, which we will talk about in detail In the following paragraphs, in a nutshell, you can use the program to adjust video sizes, speed up scenes and cut parts of them, as well as add effects, change colors, and add a different audio clip to the video so that you can consider the program as a miniature version of Adobe Premiere Pro, but on your phone.

What does the LUMA Plus program offer you?

The LumaFX program provides a powerful set of tools through which you can make professional adjustments to your video, which distinguishes this program from any other program is the ease of dealing with these tools and their good organization, the program provides you with all the tasks of video editing programs such as cutting, cutting, effects, transitions and frames And other things that you will discover with the use of the application on your phone, Loma FX Plus program offers you high accuracy with a simple design and quality in the available tools and this will make you feel a big difference between this application and any other video editing application and this explains the existence of the application in a paid way App Store for iPhone.

Comparison between LumaFX and Cute Cut Pro

Although the task performed by Cute Cut Pro and Luma Plus is similar, there is a big difference in the mechanism of work for each of them, below we will try to quickly clarify the differences so that you can determine the appropriate application for your nature of use.

  • LumaFX : It is considered one of the simple video editing applications that provide basic tasks and methods for video editing, as this program does not contain a timeline through which you can modify several layers at one time, but rather the program is limited to modifying one video so that you can change the video sizes and add effects to it And modify the sound and some other things, as the program depends on basic additions and it is not possible to add more additions such as fonts to the program.
  • Cute Cut Pro : It is a professional video editing and editing program that is very similar to the montage programs on the computer so that the program contains a timeline through which you can edit several videos to be combined in the end into one video and this gives you greater possibilities so that you can make a short film Completely through the Cute Cut Pro program only, in addition to the above, you can add more lines, effects and transitions to the program, and this is what makes the program always updated with new.

In short, if you want a simple program to edit your videos in a simple and easy-to-use way, then the right program for you is Luma Plus. If you are looking for a more professional program to make a complete montage of your videos, it will provide you with these features Cute Cut Pro program.

Review the most important features that LumaFX offers

  • The main screen : It is the main interface of the application and it appears with the application always opening and this screen contains the basic buttons that you can deal with, such as the open media button to choose a video element or image to modify it, and both the backward button and the video export button. The interface also contains some tools that we will explain Fully as follows.
  • Settings : You can access the settings through the icon at the top of the application on the right and the settings contain the option to customize the quality of the extracted projects through the LumaFX application so that the application provides three different qualities, the first is the basic quality, the second is medium quality and the third is high quality knowing that the higher it is Quality It took a longer time to extract the projects that you undertake on the application.
  • Video extraction : the button next to the Settings button is dedicated to extracting the videos or projects that you have made on the Loma Plus program for iPhone. This button will not be activated until you add a video to the program, and the program provides three options for extraction, the first option is to extract the video in a restrictive manner and the second option is to extract the audio only and this What makes the program suitable for the task of separating audio from video and the third option is to save a snapshot of the video only in the form of an image.
  • Shear and rotation : provides you with the program advanced to cut the tool and scaled and rotate the video you can Aaadah scaled Alvedohat and change sizes professionally because the program provides you with a distinctive set of preset conditions that can help you in your business program also provides you with a tool other to rotate the video in several Different directions to make the video portrait or landscape all of this comes in a very sophisticated way, as shown in the picture.
  • Cut video : The second tool in this featured program LumaFX is a video cutting tool, through which you can cut a part of the video only so that if you have a long video and only want to cut a part of it, you can use this feature, all you have to do is move the start arrow and the end arrow for the part What is needed from the video, then press Extract to get a new video with only the part you want.
  • Frame control : This feature provides you with the ability to control the frame rate displayed in the video so that you can make the video slower or faster by moving the cursor left or right to control the speed so that when the video is made faster the number of frames per second is reduced and when the video is slower The number of frames per second is increased.
  • Volume control : The LUMA Plus application provides you with a dedicated volume control tool through which you can completely control the sound, for example you can change the volume levels if you have the best in that, or you can amplify the sound if the sound is weak and reduce the volume or remove Noise and many other things.
  • Effects and colors : Finally, the program provides you with the ability to add colors and visual effects to the video, which is very similar to the filters that are found in the photography programs that we use every day, as these effects improve the quality of the video or make it brighter so that it is more pleasant to the eye.

How to use Loma Plus application for iPhone

  • Selection of items : First, open the application and then go to the arrow at the top of the interface on the left side, which will direct you after clicking on it to the media library in your phone, choose the appropriate video and directly it will open in the program.
  • Editing and Editing : Make the adjustments and effects that you deem appropriate. You can refer to the program review to learn the usefulness of each tool and how to use it. After that, play the video to make sure that the effects that you have chosen are optimized.
  • Extraction : Finally, click on the arrow facing out at the top of the screen on the right, which will show you the extraction options, through which you can save or export the video in several different modes according to your needs.

LumaFX app features for iPhone

  • Interface organization : The LumaFX program provides a highly organized and tidy interface where the interface contains all the tools you need in an organized and tidy manner so that you can access what you want easily and effortlessly, unlike other montage programs available for phones that need some time to get to know the interface and how to deal with it.
  • Ease of use : Thanks to the distinctive interface and the method of organizing the use of tools in the program, this program is considered one of the best programs in terms of ease of use. Video editing software is complicated to use
  • Light and fast : After trying the program on more than one phone, it turned out that it is one of the light programs that run quite smoothly on medium phones, and this of course is important because most iPhone users have phones of relatively old generations, also the program is compatible with all versions of the IOS system, which provides real support for the chip Big iPhone phones.
  • Multiple options : All tools in LumaFX provide multiple options, for example if you decide to modify the audio in a video clip, you will be amazed at the amount of options that allow you to customize each part of the audio in the way that suits you, and this is similar to professional video editing programs on Windows and Mac.

Shortcomings of the LumaFX iPhone app

  • Ads : The LumaFX application comes in its original version in a paid form through the App Store for Apple phones, but this version is a modified version to be free so it contains ads that may affect the user experience a little, but in general this is better than paying the full price for the program.
  • Additions : The program lacks additions so that you cannot add fonts or other additions to the program, but rather remain restricted to the elements provided by the program mainly, and this of course is not good, especially in applications of this type where the user always needs to develop by adding more elements.
Download LumaFX for iPhone for free Download Luma FX for iPhone A thumbnail montage on your phone for a group of photos or videos Luma Plus