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To download and install MovieSpirit, you must browse the download page via Safari on an iPhone or iPad

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Download Movie Spirit app for iPhone for free without jailbreak

Free Download MovieSpirit for iPhone without jailbreaking professional video editing

To download and install MovieSpirit, you must browse the download page via Safari on an iPhone or iPad

Make and produce your own movies with MovieSpirit

MovieSpirit is the largest montage program for iPhone, and the best program in the professional filmmaker in the world of iPhone, and because the Move Spirit app is available on the paid App Store, with a price of about $ 9.99, we were able to provide the link to download MovieSpirit for iPhone for free and without jailbreak, the best program for the industry. The video in terms of it maintains the resolution and quality and gives you the advantage of merging, writing, recording and more, video clips, images, music, text, recording, handwriting, and other many features open to you, follow us with the rest of the features about the MovieSpirit app after the following download link.

Free MovieSpirit benefits

  • With MovieSpirit, you can freely cut, trim and merge video clips.
  • With MovieSpirit, you can install multi-layer video as there is no set limit for video editing and merging layers.
  • With MovieSpirit, you can add line effects, and effects with various geometric shapes - by aiming to mask or unhide parts of the video.
  • There is a Snipping Tool you can use all kinds of tool available in front of you in MovieSpirit.
  • Control video speed and slow speed and add clips of different speed.
  • Options are open for you to control font, type, tone, color, and attached emojis.
  • Free mixing of music and sound effects in different styles, music can be added from anywhere, and sounds are extracted.
  • Record voices and add them to videos.
  • Customize specific video background, brightness, contrast, and saturation.
  • Add multi-layer video
  • - Add slow motion / fast motion
  • - Add text (an icon can be added)
  • - Record voice
  • - Add music
  • - Add Gif
  • The effects of the scene switch are different
  • Various video / photo formats
  • -Paint the film
  • Chroma key to superposition
  • Color splash
  • Freely distort the video / image
  • Motion point / text
  • Import from computer through Wi-Fi network
  • Create and share a movie
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