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Download the iMovie application to create a professional video. The iMovie app for iPhone is the best professional video maker app

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Download iMovie for iPhone, iMovie application for video editing and professional video creation

Download the iMovie app to create a professional video

Thanks to the simplified design and multiple touch gestures, iMovie lets you create Hollywood-style trailers and beautiful movies like never before.

Make Hollywood-Style Trailers

• Choose from 14 trailer models with stunning graphics and original scores from some of the world's top film composers

• Customize movie studio logos, cast names, and credits

• Select the best videos and photos for your trailer with the help of animated drop zones

• Record video for your trailer The right to iMovie

Create beautiful movies

• Choose from 8 unique themes with matching titles, transitions, and music

• Give your movie a perfect look with 10 Apple-designed video filters

• Enhance your movie with slow and fast forward motion *

• Easily add image in picture, green screen, and split screen effects

• Create a soundtrack using the built-in music that automatically adjusts to match the length of the movie

• Add sound effects, songs from your music library, and your own narration

• Connect keyboard and use shortcuts simple to edit movies quickly

iMovie everywhere

• you can project transfer easily between your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch using AirDrop or iCloud Drive

• send any project to your your Mac across your AirDrop or iCloud Drive to finish editing using iMovie or in Final Final Cut Pro , the X

• Connect an external display to your iPhone or iPad and choose to copy iMovie interface or view full screen video while editing ** Share

with friends and family

• Send videos with mail and messages

• Save to your photo library or share to YouTube in 4K or 1080p60 ***

• Save video files and iMovie project files to iCloud

• Share video files and iMovie project files with AirDrop ****

• Use AirPlay to wirelessly stream video to your HDTV Your Apple TV *****

* 2x acceleration is available on iPhone 5s, iPad Air, and iPad mini with Retina display and later devices.

** Requires iPhone 7 or later, iPad (6th generation) or iPad Pro (2017) or later

*** 4K support is available on iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro and later devices.

**** AirDrop requires an iCloud account and is available on iPhone 5, iPad (4th generation), iPad Air, iPad mini, iPod touch (5th generation), and later devices.

***** AirPlay requires Apple TV (2nd generation) or later.

The iMovie program for iPhone is considered the best professional video maker program, with the ability to make adjustments to the video with ease, as the iMovie application allows you to create a video from several private images, with the selection of the appropriate music for the video, not only that, but also allows creating a professional promotional clip, in any field You want, and you can also share the video and the promotional clip via social media, follow us and get the link to download the iMovie program for iPhone and the way to design a video in the iMovie program and enjoy the free features in the latest version iMovie application.

What is new in the iMovie app for iPhone?

• Access files from external hard drives, SD card readers, and USB drives

• Support for dark mode and the new Share Sheet in iOS 13

• When adding featured music in Project Settings, the soundtrack automatically adjusts to match the length of the movie

• Provides performance and stability improvements

5 features in the latest iMovie application

  1. You can download iMovie for iPhone for free and without annoying ads.
  2. Ease of download and use, as the interface is simple.
  3. One of the best video editing programs and creating a built-in video with music and effects.
  4. It allows you to watch your movies and promotions on all of your devices, including iCloud.
  5. Share the video via social networking sites, such as: Facebook and Instagram.

How to use iMovie for free

After downloading the iMovie program for iPhone, you will see the main screen of the iMovie program, where the interface is simple and easy to use, and to start creating your own special movie, press the + icon to create a project, as shown in the picture in front of you:

Home screen after downloading the imovie program for iPhone

After that, a screen appears for you to choose to create a new project or promotional clip, for example: Choose a movie, as shown in the picture in front of you:

Choose a movie to create a video

Then a group of saved images appears for you, to choose the images that you want to be part of your video, then click on Create Video, to show you after that the images you have chosen, with the ability to make adjustments to them, as shown in the picture in front of you:

Beginning of creating a professional video in iMovie

You can enter songs and music that fit the video, by pressing the + tool, as indicated in the previous picture.

To show you a screen, choose from (audio), then a set of sound effects that are suitable for the videos and images will appear, as shown in the picture in front of you:

Sound effects to add to the video

You can also control the project settings, by choosing the filter, type, and other settings, by pressing the gear tool located on the far left of the screen at the bottom, as shown in the picture in front of you:

Add effects and filters to pictures

You can choose the motion transitions between the images in the video, by long pressing on the line separating the images, to show you a set of options to use in the coordination to create a professional video for the iPhone, as shown in the picture in front of you:

How to create a promotional clip for iPhone

With iMovie for iPhone, you can easily create a promotional clip through the following steps:

  1. Click on + to create a project.
  2. The Choose a Trailer screen appears.
  3. A screen appears for you showing a set of ads that you can take advantage of, as shown in the picture in front of you:

    Collection of promotional clips

  4. For example: You can choose the family, and click on Create, to show you a screen to fill in the data for the promotional clip, as shown in the picture in front of you:

    The data required to edit the promotional section in iMovie

Download the iMovie application Download the iMovie application for iPhone without jailbreak IMovie for iPhone without jailbreak iMovie for iphone