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I am Vodafone for iPhone - If you are an Egyptian citizen (long live from us to all the great people of Egypt) or you are from another country, but you are within the borders of the Arab Republic of Egypt, then you have

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I am Vodafone for iPhone - If you are an Egyptian citizen (long live from us to all the great people of Egypt) or you are from another country, but you are within the borders of the Arab Republic of Egypt, then you have definitely heard of the famous and well-known telecommunications company, Vodafone giant, we will present to you, dear visitor today, the application I am Vodafone for iPhone Customized by the company for customers through which it seeks to obtain the satisfaction of our valued customers and strive and saw providing great services through its beautiful application. I am Vodafone for iPhone. This application will enhance your confidence in the Egyptian Telecom Company Vodafone as it saves you a lot of trouble through this application. You can do many things while you are in your seat with a click. From your thumb, even having an account in the application is very easy, but it is much more easy. If you want to create an account in " Ana Vodafone ", it suffices to download the application from the link at the end of the topic

I am Vodafone for iPhone

After downloading it, you will install the program in the normal way like any other program, so let's go to the stage of creating an account in Anna Vodafone. You will open the program after installation and you will find a box that puts your phone number from Vodafone contacts. After placing your phone number of the same company, you will look seconds to a minute for a lot. You will receive a text message It carries numbers or the so-called confirmation code or authentication code that you will put in the I-Vodafone application to direct you to the wonderful and simple application interface. Another world of shortening of time and more effort saving, through which you can know the remaining balance for you and know the packages subscribed to and which you use and as you can Subscribe to Vodafone Cash If you are a person who spends his day in daily transactions and from his gifts, you will get free internet capacity upon registration of 400 MB to be used on social networking sites such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Telegram and others.Your birthplace and place of residence, the neighborhood or the neighborhood and the street.

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One of the advantages of the I Vodafone iPhone program is that it allows a quick search option, which you can search for what you want quickly, which makes you eliminate your need in the application faster and better, and this is a suitable option in the event that you are in a hurry and want to know the package used and how much of it remains with simplicity The Vodafone application that allows you to have complete control over your account, it is more than wonderful. You will be able to top up your phone line with a connection or internet balance according to your desire in order to save you the trouble of going to the communication kiosk and you can get a Promo membership that you can activate via a code that you receive from the Fuma Endafone company after Subscribe to the Internet service through the company, where you can control the account of the home line in which you live, in which you will subscribe to an Internet service through the company " Ana Vodafone ""Through membership, and one of the advantages of the program is that it provides you with many services, such as the Salafni service and thank you, which is a service that the program contacts the company to credit you, and in addition, there is another one."

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They are found in smartphones and you can find them under the name of the black list and the white list, as the black list is the one that will block you any phone number that calls you and put it in this list and vice versa in the white list. Daily on smart phones, outgoing calls, incoming calls, and also missed calls, and this is really great in case you want the call records of your children and with whom they communicate, especially if you are a person who is pressed for time due to work or you are on a trip and do not find time for your children and want to know their connection and communication with others and you can know the missed calls While your phone was switched off and someone called you, there are many and many great free services that save you effort and time, such as the red feature or what is called the red family, similar to the company logo that symbolizes the family and carries the red color.And on my account, which are provided by Vodafone, and in addition to that, the company always offers attractive and profitable offers to its customers.

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You will really thank me for this I am Vodafone program because when I told you that it will comfort you and spare you a lot of trouble and effort, I was serious in my words. Did you know that one of the advantages of I am Vodafone for iPhone is that it gives you the ability to shop online through the application and pay through Vodafone Cash in addition To the list of My Plan, which gives you a detailed statement of the balance and flexes in your account, and you can also transfer a package to your phone even if the balance you have is insufficient, the application calculates the amount of balance required to complete the balance of the package by adding the required balance above the balance you already have, as the program will show you all packages in case You do not want to change the type of package subscription, and the nice thing is that you will get notifications about the company’s offers and the discounts that it offers from time to time.