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Download the SHAREit program for all devices, the latest version for free. SHAREit is one of the Wi-Fi technology applications as previously mentioned, where the program provides an easier and simpler way to use this technology, through which you can connect your device with any other device and transfer your files quickly and safely. It is an easy interface

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Download the latest version of SHAREit for free for iPhone

Download the shareit program for all devices, the latest version for free

Hello and welcome dear followers and visitors of our website, smart phones have evolved greatly over the past few years; As the size of applications, games, pictures and videos on these phones has become larger than ever before, and of course this is the cause of a problem in the process of transferring files of various kinds between phones and some of them or even when transferring data between the phone and a computer or laptop, fortunately many applications appeared that were able to take advantage of Wi - Fi technology, specifically Wifi Direct that allows the transfer of files between fast devices very large where the speed limit is the limit Wi - Fi technology speed in the device, today we talk about the program Sher data SHAREit for being one of the most and the best applications that have been able to benefit properly from The technology mentioned above, in this article we will provide you with a complete review of all versions of the Shareit program for various devices with a quick explanation of each version.

What is SHAREit?

SHAREit is one of the applications of Wi-Fi technology, as I mentioned above, where the program provides an easier and simpler way to use that technology, through which you can connect your device with any other device and transfer your files quickly and safely, meaning that it is simply said that SHAREit is an easy and organized interface that improves the use of technology Already present in phones, it is worth noting that, with the development of the application and the issuance of several updates, he received a set of new features and features such as the feature of cleaning the device from transport waste and speeding up the device, as some videos and a music library were added in the application interface.

What does SHAREit offer you?

Shareit for different devices and systems offers the basic feature which is the availability of transferring files at a very high speed, for example you can transfer a file size of more than 1 GB in less than one minute, after the number of competitors of the mobile sharing program increased, the application had to be developed more so it was added Many additional features such as a file cleaner that works in a special way to rid your phone of useless files and free up more memory space. How much the application has become provides the ability to hide pictures and files in the so-called Safe Folder; Where you can use this feature instead of applying the lock, for example, there are many other powerful features that you will discover with the review of each copy in the following paragraphs.

How does the share program work on various devices?

Shareit depends on Wi-Fi technology in its principle of operation in order to take advantage of the great speed provided by this technology in transferring data between various devices, and the company that developed the SharePoint program, as it is called by some, was able to make the most of the WiFi technology, as the program became It provides very large transfer speeds with support for most devices, as for the explanation of the mechanism of the program’s work, it is simply very similar to opening a Wi-Fi or Hotspot to your friend from your phone, allowing him to browse the Internet. Your phone and the recipient's phone to be able to receive files that you send to him.

How to transfer files between computer and mobile using Shareit?

In the near future, we will provide a detailed explanation of this process, but the following are guided steps that you can rely on in case you want to transfer your files between your phone and your PC without a cable.

  • First: Open the Sherat program on both devices, between which you want to transfer data.
  • Second: From your phone, click on the more icon at the top of the application interface next to the search and choose to connect to the computer.
  • Third: Directly, the share application will start searching for any network of the program, and it will show you the network for the other instance on your computer.
  • Fourth: Click on the network as soon as it appears to you, which will often appear in the name of your person's computer.
  • Fifth: Agree to exchange files through your computer. Immediately, an interface will appear for you through which you can exchange your files with your phone through several simple methods.

Things you want to know in the shareit program for the computer

  • Settings: The program provides some simple settings that can be customized easily, and these settings include both the account avatar that appears at the recipient, as well as the default location for storing or received files, controlling the password for the virtual network that the program creates, and finally controlling the program’s language.
  • Place of receipt: You may transfer a large amount of files and images from your phone to the SHAREit program, but you do not know where to find them, so the program provided you with quick access to the received files folder through the drop-down menu at the top of the program interface, where once you click on it, some options appear for you. Choose files. Received.
  • Trusted devices: If the computer you are using is your personal device and the same thing on your phone as well, you can connect directly between the computer and the mobile quickly without approval from the computer by selecting your phone as a reliable device and do not worry. You can control the trusted devices later by opening the drop-down menu in Top of the program and click on the Trusted devices option.
  • Connecting to another computer: Shareit allows transferring files between one computer and another, whether it is running on Windows or Mac, by opening the connection feature to the person’s computer and applying the same previous steps, but on the other computer.

Review of SHAREit for PC

Shareit has achieved great success on the Android platform or system, and this is what made the developer of it think to make it compatible with computers and laptops of various systems, so that the Shareit program supports both Windows and Mac systems and you can download it with a direct link and completely free of charge with no ads in these The version of the program, Shareit for PC allows you to transfer your computer and phone files (whether running on Android or iPhone system) very quickly with simplicity and ease of use.

Download for PC (Windows)

SHAREit for Android review

The Android version is considered the cradle of the launch of the SHAREit program’s popularity in a great way around the world, as the great spread of Android contributed to creating an appropriate environment for the success of Shareit, especially with no real competitor at that time, but because things have changed a lot as the program has become full of ads here and there and many From the disgusting videos and strangely, the performance of the program in its basic task has become less efficient, as it moves files more slowly and often faces problems in communication between devices, but until now it is still one of the best applications available on the Play Store for applications to do this task.

Download Shiraat for Android

The most important thing that the SHAREit program for Android provides

  • The Games Store: It is a store that provides you with the most important, best and most famous games on the Google Play Store, but of course this is not considered an official store, as it is similar to alternative stores such as One Mobile Market, for example, or the Panda Helper store, this store gives you a different set of games Where you can download regular games and install them or play them online using the Internet directly without downloading.
  • Videos: In this section of the program, you will find popular videos in the area in which you live. These videos are usually fetched from YouTube. You cannot download any of these videos on your phone, but only allows you to watch them directly, such as videos on Facebook and YouTube.
  • Auxiliary applications: The company that developed the SHAREit application provides an additional set of applications that you can install along with the SHAREit application to get some additional features, and these applications include a media player and an application to clean the remnants of applications and unnecessary files and another application dedicated to transferring all the contents of your phone or obtaining A backup copy of it.
  • Update applications: If you use a limited internet, this feature is very suitable for you as this feature works to discover applications and games that are not updated on your phone if you communicate with another phone using SHAREit and then update those applications directly by installing their own packages from The other phone.

SHAREit for iOS - Shirt app review

The SHAREit program for iPhone phones is very different from the Android phone version because it retains the original mission that the program was designed for, which is transferring and exchanging files where you will notice that the interface is simpler and has fewer ads and focuses mainly on tasks that have to do with the original function of the program, all of these The combined factors provide a much better use experience for Shareit on iPhone, in general all iPhone applications are often better in terms of designs, for example note the difference in design and performance between WhatsApp for Android and WhatsApp for iPhone and the same thing on Twitter or Viber or Line And other applications.

Download for iPhone

The most important thing that the SHAREit application for iPhone offers

  • Sharing area: This feature enables you to select some files such as photos and videos so that the recipient can choose what he wants from them without sending them to him, this feature is useful for example if you have files that a number of your friends need, so you put them in the sharing area so that they can access Access it once connected to your device.
  • Online communication: You can connect your phone directly to the computer without the need to download the shareit program for the computer, as the application provides you with a private address when entering it. The connection between the computer and your phone is made directly via the Internet browser without the need for any external programs, and of course you can easily exchange files after the connection.
  • Hide pictures and files: As in the Android version, SHAREit provides you with a set of features that you can get by downloading other applications from the same company that developed the application, in the Shareit version for iPhone provides one additional program that provides you with the ability to hide pictures and files that you can download for free.

Shareit features for all operating systems

  • Transfer speed: Thanks to the Wi-Fi technology used, SHAREit provides an incredible file transfer speed where you can transfer all the contents of your phone to your computer in a few minutes, but this of course depends on the speed of your phone as well and the version of the Wi-Fi technology in it.
  • Hardware support: Shareit supports most of the devices that people currently use, as it is available and supports both Android and IOS systems on phones and on computers and laptops. It supports Windows and Mac.
  • Completely free: Shareit is available on all platforms completely free of charge, but of course with ads, but of course this is better than making the program only paid without displaying ads.
  • Updates: The company developing the SHAREit program considers it the most successful project at the present time, so the program gets a great development from time to time. This development includes updates to improve performance and add powerful new features.

Deficiencies or defects in the SHAREit program

  • Ads: One of the things that may make you hate using shareit is the ads that you will see pop up from everywhere and at all times and by updating the Android version of the application, we hope that the matter will be improved in future updates.
  • Videos: In recent updates, a section of popular videos has been added, and unfortunately, very bad videos are often brought up as popular and popular among the users of the program, which makes you vulnerable to this bad content.