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Download the Yodel Plus program for iPhone and iPad without jailbreak, in the world of social networking there are new applications every day this year, the spread of the Iodel Plus application in a large way in the Arab Gulf countries, especially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Down Jodel Plus 2021 - Download duplicate Jodel Plus for iPhone for free without jailbreaking the latest version

Download Jodel Plus for iPhone for free without jailbreak, latest version for 2021

Each of us seeks to know the important news and events that revolve around him in the region in which he lives, and therefore we find that there are a group of applications that have facilitated us all of this comes to us the application of Jodel in addition to that we can know what is happening around the events even without disclosing us. Your official persona and many people are looking for a way to download this application for free without jailbreak, here is a way to download the Google Plus application from our website.

Which app do you prefer?

It appeared again in the current period, the application will be liked in the Arab Gulf countries, especially in the State of Saudi Arabia, so this application has become one of the most popular applications on application download sites with a large number of citizens in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Here from our site, how to download the Iodel Plus application for opium without jailbreak in its 2021 version, explore the problems that revolve around you in the area in which you live, in addition to meeting a group of new close friends. Your site that they may face difficulties in communicating with them in addition to that you can express your opinion during the development Reviews of comments from other subscribers without revealing your identity
The application also would like to allow you to create questionnaires and opinions in order to know the opinions of users without knowing your personality, so you become a person with a voice, a social person and an important reference. And more, you can do without the users knowing your personal identity.

What is the difference between the original Jodel app and the Jodel ++ app?

Many applications that are opened for the first time, we find that they lack a set of features and that the designer of these applications develops continuous modifications and updates to the application, to add more and more features, and among these applications the application wants to increase the capabilities of the original application and any updates that have been made. I added it to the original app and the following appeared on Yodel Plus:
We found that in the original Jodel app the image editor cannot be activated, but this feature can be obtained in the Jodel Plus app easily.
Moreover, by using the Jodel Plus app, you can change your physical location within the app in the base version, and this is what happens in the first Jodel app

The app uses you want Plus

The application would like to have a number of uses that made this application one of the most important applications that everyone is looking for in all parts of the Gulf.
Let's see that this app is among the apps that help you create a healthy social life.
Plus the ability, through this app, to stay in close contact with your area and with those who live in the area.
Also, the Jodel Plus app is important for students as they can post and share questions, discussions, and ideas with their classmates.
In addition to that, the app will allow you to make friends with people from the area you live in. It is a great app with an easy-to-use interface that you can get from free and easy app downloaders.
How to run the application would like Plus
The application may seem like the first unit of the first unit when using it, it is a difficult application despite the ease of the application's interface and ease of use, but we will explain some points that must be taken into account when you use the application for the first time the Jodel Plus.
First of all, posts or forms, which are a group of posts on the homepage, are placed by a group of subscribers in the Jodel app, and you can also add your own Jodel or post. Without revealing your personality or personal information.
Channels are a group of channels that are placed in the Google Plus application and that are created by a group of people who have a specific trait or goal, so we find, for example, the formation of a special group for medical students at a particular university in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This group or channel applies to an app that can be shared by all students, medicine at that university cannot develop discussions about their academic and scientific studies and this indicates the importance of the Jodel app.
Karma Points are a collection of points that are added to your personal Google account when you participate by posting opinions or discussions in the app. Karma points are also added to you when you help someone else on the app, so if you want to get a lot of karma points you have to be a friendly Jodel app.
Personal information, regarding your personal information that you put in the application, you want to make sure that it does not appear to another person, but it will be completely safe as you can put opinions and comments without someone else knowing what your name is and what your name is. Personal information, so we found that the app wanted to hide all information. The personality of each person who uses the application.
The distance we found that the Jodel app shows you what the distance in kilometers is between you and the person you are talking to or interacting with in the Jodel app.
How to download the app you want Plus
We found that many people are looking for how they can download the Jodel Plus app for free for iPhone or iPad devices, and here is how you can do to download the app on your iPhone:

First of all, you need to remove the original Jodel app from your phone

With an app downloader like Google Play, you can type in the name of an app like Jodel Plus and download it.
You can also through search engines type the name of the application to show you the download link so that you can download it easily.

Jodel ++ adds the following features to the Jodel app: 2021

- Enable channels
Enable copy and paste
Enable saving the post image
- Adding a new feed for travelers
- Change of location, ease of transportation between sites
- More controls when holding your finger on the post
Jodel allows you to instantly connect with students in your area and get real-time updates on the most popular conversations nearby.

Find out the latest news, events, stories and jokes from the community around you! In Jodel, you can post messages and photos known as "Jodels" in real time. By voting on other people's posts, you have the power to define what the campus is talking about.

Version: 4

Size: 26 MB

Last update date: December 17, 2021

Visitors to the following application site Download the Jodel Plus program for iPhone and iPad without jailbreak, in the world of social networks there are new applications every day this year. The Jodel Plus application has spread widely in the Arab Gulf countries, especially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as the program depends on discovering nearby Jodels according to you. Your geographical area. You can also discover and find nearby friends by locating you. Is it difficult for you to communicate with those around you?

Alternative Link If Main Link Not Working, Latest Jodel Plus Update for iPhone

Direct download

Jodel Plus old version link

Version: 3.87 | Size: 26.42 MB

The original should be deleted
It runs successfully on iOS 11
Activate the search
Activate channels
Enable copy and paste

Download the old version

Links to download a duplicate copy of Yodel Plus
Works with the original

Supports iOS 12 and iOS 13

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Plus Moody Wish List link for iPhones
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The original should be deleted
Supports iOS 12 and iOS 13

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Links wanted by Abu Nazir Plus

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Supports iOS 12 and iOS 13

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Wish Plus Link Emad
Updated link is working properly
Supports iOS 12 and iOS 13

Direct download

Still do not know what is happening in your area?

Jodel ++ is here to help. Jodel ++ for iOS is a modified version of Jodel, which is a social media app. It connects you with hundreds of people in your community. You can now find out everything that is happening near you by using this amazing app. The feed consists of pictures, news, questions and many other multimedia content that people around you share. This way you can stay in touch with people in your area without leaving home with Jodel ++ for iOS.

About Yodel Plus App Mirrored for iPhone and iPad without jailbreak

It is a social media app for tablets. This app is all you need to understand your community and stay in touch with the people around you in no time. You can get complete information about what is happening around you. It is a great platform to share your ideas, promote good ideas, and maintain a healthy social life. Jodel ++ for iOS is very useful nowadays as not everyone has the freedom to meet and discuss matters regarding their place. Let's take a look at some of the features of this app, Jodel ++ for iOS gives you more information about places. It is also beneficial for students as they can exchange ideas, ask questions and get a lot of academic help. The user interface is great. There are many features in Jodel ++ for iOS that will amaze you.

About Yodel Plus Duplicate for iPhone and iPad: -

Seller: The Jodel Venture GmbH
Size: 97.1 MB
Category: social networks
Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.
Languages: Arabic, German, Spanish, English, Italian, Portuguese,
Age rating: You must be at least 17 years old to download this app.
In-app purchase: Yes
The Yodel Plus app's functionality is duplicated for iPhone and iPad devices
It allows you to share your thoughts, interests, or anything you want your community to know in no time.
You can share photos, videos, news, stories and ideas.
You can even ask questions about the community or any question that you want to discuss with the people around you.
You are allowed to vote on the ideas, questions, and interests that appear in your feed. This way you can decide what you want to discuss in your community.

Update wishl plus

If an important message is conveyed to the people around you or if a specific issue is reported to occur in your area, the app provides a great platform for that.

It also allows you to download posts and media from your feed to iDevices for future reference

The location can be changed so you can know where and who is using this app.

However, you do not need to share your information publicly. The app completely hides your personal data.

If you traveled to another location, you can now enable switching of location so you know the place well.

Are you looking for a duplicate of Jodel Plus for iPhone?

Through this article we provide you a duplicate Yodel Plus download link and a Jodel Plus 2021 download link for iPhone as Jodel Plus has been tested on many devices and made sure that it works properly on most devices iOS versions for iPhones, where you can communicate with unknown friends around you on Yodel Plus At a distance of up to 10 kilometers in the area around you, and you can also change the geographical location through 2021++, Jodel Plus offers us many additional benefits. Follow us after downloading the Jodel Plus program for iPhone from the links below.

The new Jodel Plus runs successfully on iOS 12

Jodel ++ download link only works on iOS 12 and above, you can download and take advantage of it:

You have to remove the original Poodle.
A Wi-Fi connection is required.
You must have iOS 12 or higher.

Jodel Plus Jodel Plus for iphone Jodel Plus for iphone download Jodel++