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TutuApp is an alternative to the iOS app store that provides us with free commercial apps and mods for your favorite apps without jailbreak. Chinese Bunny Tutu App After the Tutu app was interrupted for a while, today we provide you with a link to download the TutuApp for iPhone and iPad, you can download the Chinese bunny store for iPhone regardless of your version

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Download Tutuapp 2021, the Chinese bunny store for iPhone, for free

Bunny Program Many times, iPhone users, despite their pride in their iOS devices, feel some frustration from Android users, especially because of the capabilities the latter has when it comes to downloading apps and APK files from alternative sources and stores. Unlike Google Play. .

But now, thanks to TutuApp 2021, iOS users can also have an alternative marketplace for iTunes where they can download free commercial apps or updated and modded versions from alternative stores for classic apps to the App Store.

Rabbit program

So, we are talking about the equivalent in Aptoide, Blackmart or Mobogenie for Android, but now on iPhone and iPad. By downloading this tool, you will get access to games and apps that you would normally have to pay for, enhanced versions of your favorite apps like WhatsApp ++, Facebook ++, and Spotify ++ and games that already include hacked features that you can earn by doing That's a trap in Pokémon GO, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, or Brawl Stars, the Chinese rabbit.

Best solution to get two WhatsApp numbers on your iPhone.

Download Chinese Bunny PP for iPhone and iPad

We see every day that there are many modern applications that we need in our life every day, and for these applications to be downloaded, we need a store to help us in the download process, and with the development of technology, there are many stores that can be downloaded easily and conveniently. By downloading all the applications and games that we want on our phones, and every day we hear about the emergence of a number of Chinese stores that are consistent with the presence of many features that helped spread them, so it has become indispensable for those every time a new store appears we search for its features and what We can provide it with services and then compare it with other stores, because the store on our phone is enough to download all the programs and applications that we want so we are always looking for the best stores, and perhaps one of the best stores is the pp store, it is the store that millions of people use because it has multiple advantages and is compatible With the App Store, which is downloaded on all iPhone and iPad devices, let's find out the advantages of pp Bunny Store 2021 and how to download it
Why has PP store become one of the most popular stores available on all modern devices?

Bunny Chinese PP Store Program

The Chinese pp store is one of the most important and best stores that work on all devices that run on the iOS system such as the iPhone and iPad, which are produced by Apple, as these devices face some problems in the process of downloading and downloading programs and applications because they only allow downloading through dedicated stores such as its own store, which is the App Store This is in the interest of the company on its devices due to damage or virus infection caused by some stores and download sites, but there are many applications that are not available in the store, which caused many applications to solve this problem, download the Chinese pp store, and this store is among the plus applications .

Advantages of downloading the Chinese Rabbit Store software

After launching the Chinese pp store, it is no longer a problem to download all programs, applications and games to your mobile phone to enjoy the best moments. After Apple phones hindered the ability to download all programs and when necessary they broke the jailbreak to download what they wanted, but they were afraid of some problems occurring on their phones that expose them to viruses, but now, after the emergence of the most secure store with huge collections of applications and programs, there is no longer any concern about Downloading applications, moreover, we found that the store came with many features that made it one of the most important stores in among those iPhone and iPad features, including: -

Tutu application

The store is free, so you don't need to pay a fee or monthly subscription to upgrade.
It contains many applications, programs and games that cannot be found in the Apple Store.
It is considered one of the safest applications to download and download all programs without worrying about virus infection.
The application came to support all devices produced by Apple, such as the iPhone and iPad in all its versions.
It has garnered millions of likes and took 1st place in iPhone stores.
It has been downloaded by more than one hundred million people from different countries of the world

The uptodown Chinese rabbit app

These were the steps to download and run the program, try it and then put your comment so that everyone can benefit from your experience, we always strive to work at your convenience and extent with all the valuable information for all programs and applications. New in the world of smart phones, valuable applications and programs that help you complete tasks easily and simply.

TutuApp vs TutuApp VIP

The program comes in two different versions. The completely free version is also known as TutuApp Helper and includes limited functionality, while TutuApp VIP is the premium or paid version with all features unlocked. Neither option requires a jailbreak or an Apple ID.

A great alternative to Cydia Zestia.

Since both versions work with the official app store, we can find all available apps completely categorized or perform a manual search if we know what we're looking for. Developed in China, not many users seem to trust this tool much and want to know if it is completely safe. It appears that it is, and in fact, its popularity has caused its landing on other platforms such as Android and Windows PC, although it is only in beta in the case of the desktop version. Besides, we can also use it in other languages ​​besides English, which is also a great feature of tutuapp lite.

tutuapp download ios

Finally, we must point out that in order to be able to take advantage of this application, it will not be necessary for you to stick to the latest model of iPhone as it is able to work with iOS 7 and is not only compatible with Apple smartphones but also with other devices such as iPad and iPod touch.

What's new in the latest version

The latest version improves app compatibility with the latest iOS devices and fixes some bugs found in previous versions.
Additional information and requirements:
Minimum operating system requirements: iOS 7.0.
Compatible with:
Turn on iPod

The new Chinese Rabbit Tutu application

After the Tutu app stopped working for a while, today we provide you a link to download TutuApp for iPhone and iPad, you can download the Chinese Rabbit app store for iPhone regardless of the version as it works efficiently on iOS version 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 without Any defects, the Chinese rabbit store offers us many free Plus programs without jailbreak such as: WhatsApp Plus, Iodine Plus, Cute Cat Pro, Prokam 6 and many games and applications for free, through the following paragraph you will find a link to download Tutu App for Android TutuAp applications Android Plus Chinese Bunny download link for iPhone, follow us more on TutuApp.

Information about the Chinese Rabbit program

Application version
Version 2.4.12
Application size
17.7 MB
Application compatibility
iOS 8 and later
The cheapness
Chinese rabbit store download links
Download TutuApp for free
Before downloading: Make sure you are using the Safari browser, click the download button in the Tutu app and wait a moment.

Download TutuApp for iPhone devices

Tutuapp download

Note / Paid Chinese Rabbit Store Now and Free Edition Canceled.
You can download the Chinese Rabbit alternative from the best Chinese stores for iPhone.

A renewed link to download the Chinese Rabbit program is explained in the video

Install the Chinese rabbit store on iPhone

After Tutuapp finished downloading and trying to log in,
A message will appear in front of you stating: "Untrusted business developer ..."
(Solve from here)

Download Tutuab Arabic

Trust the Tutuapp rabbit store

⟨⟨ Go to Settings> General> Profiles & Device Management> Go to Existing Certificates> Create Certificate from Twitter App and Trust it as in the Image Above ⟩⟩

Advantages of the New Chinese Rabbit 2021 Tutuapp

The top ++ Plus apps are available on ios TutuApp
Here are a selection of the most requested Plus software on the Chinese Bunny Store:

Procam 6.
Instagram Plus.
Cute Kit Pro.
Whatsapp plus.
Jodel Plus.
The disadvantages of the tutu tent:
The Tutu app store may stop working suddenly due to the suspension of Apple software certification.
With the Chinese Rabbit ending, all apps and games also stop running.

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